WFILTU Chapter 461 – Argument III

Xue Jiao was very busy. She was busy reviewing for her finals and working on the project. She can’t wait to break time into two.

Cheng Mingze was about the same as her. Cheng Shuo has to work every day.

Housewife Li Sitong suddenly became idle and began to have thoughts of having appointments with the madams.

“Sitong! Hurry up! Sister Xu is bringing us to a big party today!”

Li Sitong, while finishing her hair, wondered, “Sister Lu, aren’t we going to the beauty salon? How did we get involved with Sister Xu again?”

Lu Ling stopped her and spoke quickly: “Originally, we were going to the beauty salon together, but Sister Xu said in the groupchat that they would soon have afternoon tea with the ladies in the upper circle and would like to take us with them!”

Lu Ling’s tone was full of surprise, like it was something great.

Li Sitong was a little embarrassed. Originally she was pretty good in City C, but now she has come to Beijing. It could be said that it was suddenly different and earth shaking.

Now, at best, she was considered in the middle-level and she hasn’t really touched the upper level rich people’s circle.

“That’s not too good……”

“Why not?” Lu Ling glared. “Your family’s President Cheng loves you. Which of us, wives, is not behind the men supporting them? Helping the men make friends? Networking. You have to get in touch before you can build a network!”

Li Sitong’s attitude immediately changed. She was a girl from a big family and didn’t understand business problems at all, but she also wanted to help Cheng Shuo!

Hence, Li Sitong stepped up and stepped on Lu Ling’s bus. “Who will be there?”

Lu Ling shook her head and replied, “I don’t know whether they would go or not. Anyway, there will be the wives of the district head, the wife of Hua Ming’s boss, Madam Luo, and the wife of Yixia’s boss. I haven’t heard who the others are. It is said that there are many people. We will drink afternoon tea in Sister Qin’s club.”

“Ah? Such an occasion? Is it appropriate if we go?” Li Sitong was afraid that when she rubs such an occasion, it would make other ladies resent her instead.

Lu Ling covered her mouth and smiled: “Sitong, don’t you think about it? If she can’t bring us, will Sister Xu agree to take us?”

Li Sitong was stunned for a moment. She thought this was true. Sister Xu was an exquisite woman. She has strong communication skills. She never makes friends with others, but she has little use value and she was not very enthusiastic.

Cheng Shuo said that the world was like this. If you are strong, more people will treat you warmly and sincerely, but if you are weak, you will experience apathy and distance.

Therefore, Cheng Shuo said that if Li Sitong didn’t want to socialize with those ladies, it would be all right. He doesn’t pursue anything. Even if he pursues anything, he can work hard by himself.

But the more this happens, the more Li Sitong wanted to be a helpful person to Cheng Shuo and doesn’t want to hold him back.


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Lu Ling approached her and lowered her voice: “Speaking of it, Sister Xu is actually very showy and snobbish……”

“Really? I don’t know her very well. I feel like she’s ok?” L Sitong has a careless eye. She can also see that sister Xu is snobbish.

However, Li Sitong’s IQ is not high, and she dared not say right or wrong.

Cheng Shuo once said that if you want to be ignorant of others, you can do nothing unless you do it yourself. When you are talking about people’s rights and wrongs, it’s easy to get excited and not close the door.

But it is also easy to sow trouble. If you can control your mouth, you will have less trouble.

“You are just too simple. Your husband is too kind to you. You see, elder sister Xu is also a housewife with a poor family background. But because of her interpersonal skills, she has been sitting as President Jiao’s wife for so many years. Can she be careless? Especially since President Jiao is still a playboy.”

Lu Ling said with her mouth curled. Li Sitong tried not to show anything on her face, but she was unable to express her feelings in her heart.

Also a housewife with a poor family background?

Does that mean her family background is bad?

She smiled strainly: “Elder sister Xu is very smart.”

“That’s not smart, that’s snobbish! President Jiao’s strength is not much better than our family’s. Look at her. She can not only eat well in our circle, but is also in the upper circle!” Lu Ling said, “but it’s not good to be too snobbish. Look at the current scene of the Yu family. It’s really sad.”

“The Yu family……should also……” Li Sitong could not help saying.

She thought of Xue Jiao’s classmate, the young and clever girl who smiled softly and quietly.

Li Sitong liked such a girl very much. She worked hard and was admitted to Tsinghua University on her own strength. Unfortunately, in the end……

The Yu family should not be said to take full responsibility, but it was really their family that made trouble!

“Hasn’t the Yu family been like this all the time? You see, now the Yu family’s son is crazy and they licked others’ money desperately for what? It is said that their son is very crazy now. His family is going to sell the company, take his son abroad and leave this sad land.” Lu Ling shook her head and sighed.

Li Sitong sighed: “Children can like what they like and who they like. I used to like to force children, but now I think it might be better for them to follow their heart.”

Wasn’t that what she and Jiao Jiao were like? At the beginning, they quarreled every day, and she wanted to get involved in Jiao Jiao’s every issue. Finally, she found that it was better to speak calmly and decide with Jiao Jiao together.

Fortunately, both she and Jiao Jiao woke up early and did not lead to irreparable and terrible consequences.

“Our family is fine, but look at the upper class. How many younger generations have really married Cinderellas? Even if our daughter wants to marry into a better family, it is not easy.” Lu Ling waved her hand.

Li Sitong stopped talking. She thought of Jiao Jiao and Lin Zhihua.

Could that man protect Jiao Jiao from gossip?

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