WFILTU Chapter 462 – Argument IV

“That’s right!” Lu Ling seemed to think of something. She pretended not to care and asked, “I heard that you gave your daughter a graduation banquet last year. Lin Zhihua came?”

Li Sitong nodded: “En.”

“You aren’t being friendly enough. How did you get to know Lin Zhihua? It seems that he doesn’t like to participate in these things. He attended when you just came to Beijing?” Lu Ling actually asked this question for her husband. Although it’s been a long time since the event she hasn’t seen their cooperation.

But it’s good to ask carefully and master more information.

Li Sitong touched her temples and whispered, “We are all from C City…”

“Oh!” Lu Ling suddenly realized, “Lin Shi’s progress is too fast, and Lin Zhihua is also quick. I almost thought Lin Shi was a Beijing native company! They moved here only a few years ago……”

Li Sitong smiled and said nothing.

The two chatted and slowly reached the door of the club.

Lu Ling called Sister Xu. Soon, another middle-aged woman came out, frowning.

Lu Ling changed her appearance from before and came forward with a smile and held the woman’s hand: “Sister Xiang, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

The so-called Sister Xiang glanced at Lu Ling and Li Sitong behind her, but said with only a shallow smile: “If you want to come, why didn’t you hurry up. The district head’s wife and Sister Rong are all already here!”

“Sorry, there was a traffic jam on the road!” Lu Ling said, and then followed Sister Xiang straight in.

Li Sitong stood at the door for a moment, and then followed in with determination.

It was busy inside. Li Sitong was going to sit casually, but as soon as she entered, she was stopped by a person calling her name.

“Younger Sister——”

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Li Sitong was stunned and looked up at a familiar and unfamiliar face.

“Come in, hurry and come, sit next to me!” The person stretched out her hand and Li Sitong came forward with a stiff scalp.

“You* are……” she asked tentatively.

*formal form of you

“We met at the supermarket. Did you forget?” The person blinked, and Li Sitong thought for a long time before she remembered the elder sister who she met in the supermarket and wanted to buy vegetables but could not do much of anything.

Seeing an acquaintance, Li Sitong couldn’t help smiling: “Elder sister, it’s you ah!”

Lu Ling, who was trying hard to answer the question, could not help but exclaim, “Sitong, you know Sister Rong, the mother of Lin Shi’s boss!”

“En? Lin Shi?” Li Sitong was stunned.

Nearby, Mother Lin smiled and said, “Younger Sister, I am Zhihua’s mother!”

Lin Zhihua’s mother!

Li Sitong could be said to be quite surprised. Her eyes stared round. For a moment, she didn’t know how to speak.

Sister Xu smiled and said, “So Sister Rong and Sitong actually know each other!”

Mother Lin smiled brightly and said something that shocked everyone——

“Of course I do. We’re actually future in-laws.”

“What? !” Lu Ling’s ability was the shallowest, so she couldn’t help raising her voice.

Mother Lin took Li Sitong by the hand and said with a smile, “That’s right, Zhihua and Jiao Jiao are currently dating. Zhihua used to have a high vision and didn’t look for anyone. Now he met Sitong’s Jiao Jiao and his heart finally moved. This finally lets my heart have some reassurance!”

The other people stared at the two speechlessly, Lin Zhihua……wasn’t he unable to touch women?

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