SAPPS Chapter 94

There was no case that the players in the underground factory cannot buy tickets. It was a privilege to spend some points to watch the hot challenge arena.

Wei San strolled around and found that there were gambling games. Sure enough, the underground black game was inseparable from this kind of thing.

She looked at the current popular player, whose ID was God of Death, and then looked at the photos on the light screen. The man with the buzz cut was nearly two meters high, with bulky muscles, full of strength and murderous spirit in his eyes. It showed that he used a heavy mecha.

The person who will fight with him today is called Monkey. He was also very thin and shriveled. He used a light mecha.

On the God of Death’s side, it was full of wagers.

Wei San went to the side of Monkey and said, “I bet five thousand star coins on him.”

The person in charge of the statistics raised his eyelids and said, “100,000 star coins starting bet.”

Wei San: “……” five thousand star coins are not money?

She couldn’t take out 100,000 star coins. Finally, she went to the audience with her 5,000 star coins to wait for the start of the game.

As soon as the God of Death came out, a group of people in the audience shouted his name crazily.

Wei San looked over, it was obvious that everyone had a different sense towards the God of Death. Some people were enthusiastic supporters of the God of Death, and some people didn’t seem to like him, even treating him with disgust.

At the start, she didn’t quite understand. After the challenge arena began, Wei San finally knew why people hated this God of Death.

For the underground factory competitions, they always had to sign a life and death certificate, but most people ended at a certain point. As long as the other party can’t get up, they won’t start again after the opponent admits defeat.

And the person named God of Death liked killing.

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The Monkey was like his ID, he was flexible and good at avoiding entanglement, while the God of Death’s strength was significantly higher than that of Monkey’s. After catching his flaws, he was as powerful as bamboo, punching Monkey’s abdomen several times in a row, and even stepping on the other’s feet.

At this point, Monkey raised his hand and wanted to admit defeat. However, the God of Death pretended not to see when he raised his hand every time and continued to abuse the other party unilaterally. Monkey wanted to withdraw from the game through the light brain in the mecha cabin, but the God of Death approached, and directly twisted the neck of the mecha, picked up the head of the mecha and roared at the audience.

Wei San frowned and looked at Monkey on the ground of the challenge arena. He was still in the cockpit and didn’t come out.

The helmet of the mecha was connected to perception. The moment when the neck of the mecha was broken is equivalent to breaking the neck of the person in the mecha cabin.

When Wei San died in the simulation training room for the first time, she didn’t react for half a day. Under this kind of actual battle, the blow would only be greater.

The God of Death came out of the mecha, madly patted his chest and howled excitedly, like an uncivilized man.

In the audience, some people who felt unwell got up and left, but more people shouted with the God of Death and were excited to the extremes.

Finally, Monkey was carried out by the staff of the underground factory. His injuries were pretty serious.

The staff just passed by Wei San. She looked at the person with dull eyes on the stretcher. It seems what’s more serious was the mental injury.

Later on, Wei San went to watch other arena games. It couldn’t be said that there was a God of Death in every game, but there were blood injuries in almost every L3 game. The more the audience saw the blood, the more excited they were. No wonder the God of Death could become a popular player on the third floor of the underground, and even the reward from the audience was several times higher than that of other players.

In the three underground floors, all desires and brutality were infinitely magnified.

These people on the stage were all playing in the challenge arena like they didn’t want life. Wei San had foreseen that if she didn’t improve the performance and strength of her mecha, she would spend a lot of money.

The morning of the weekend, Wei San changed her mecha engine and its joint parts on the first floor, then returned to school in the afternoon, just in time for the live broadcast of the finals of the Hephaestus competition.

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