SOOEW Chapter 352 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game V

“The beauty endangers the country!! The beauty endangers the country ah! ! ! Alas, it hurts! ! !”

“Pity my ass. The Wolf of the Desert is doing it by means of sending a woman as a beauty trick. What kind of skill is this?”

“It’s like you haven’t sent any spies. Shall I name them one by one? Ha, don’t blame others if your own ability is not good. The beauty trap is also one of the thirty-six tricks. Who has stipulated that it can’t be used? It’s your boss who can’t make up his mind. He was attacked.”

“Fuck you, you’d better let the Desert Wolf hide his woman. Don’t let us find out who it is!”

At the same time, a post titled “holographic online game journey starts, players can get connectors by ID” was placed on the front page of the forum. The connector can connect the player’s conscious nerve to the game, and by closing the eyes, they can appear in the game world in the form of crossing.

This indicated the coming of the holographic online games era.

Someone immediately said, “A well-known character can get a special connector. Do you think she will go?”

The activities of the game company were held in a skyscraper in the imperial city center. Ordinary players needed to queue up in the hall to get them. Players with high popularity in the game could enter a special VIP room. The VIP room was equipped with a screen, which was aimed at the stage in the hall. People could watch the song and dance performances presented on the dance platform and the cosplay performances of the game characters.

Several VIP rooms were already occupied.

Yang Yidu, the real name of “Duhuo”, had a Mafia background in his family, but he was very clear. His eyes were bright and dark on his white cheeks. Right now, he was sitting on the sofa staring at the screen, as if waiting for something.

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The bodyguard pushed a wheelchair in front of him and said, “The account card has been received. You.……didn’t originally have to come here.” The words “injured legs and feet” were swallowed back by him. Everyone who followed the young master knew that the relevant words were forbidden areas.

“Wait a minute.” He snorted.

The bodyguard was puzzled, but he had to accompany him.

“Everyone who has played the world of chasing deer knows that two beauties played a vital role in the battle of the fallen city. Many people say.……Next, let’s invite Fu Yi and Fei Xue to come to the stage and get the connector specially made for you by the game company.”

The voice of the host resounded on the stage, and the last scene before her death began to play on the large screen in the hall. The beautiful Leji faced the crowd and brought out her weapon, the pipa. She gently dialed her fingertips twice to add blood to herself. However, the army was not afraid of danger and calmly died.

It was clearly a mutiny in the face of war and should be spurned and reviled.

But what she did was like a legend, and her own style attracted countless people.

Realizing that she was about to appear, Yang Yidu breathed. Like him, people in the other VIP rooms could not help raising their heads. After hearing the name, countless players in the hall also stopped what they were doing. Even if the staff handed out the connector from the window, the people in front of the window forgot to pick it up.

“Will she come? !”

“I don’t think so. Isn’t she afraid of being chased and killed? It’s said that the two city leaders of Huotian and Heifeng, are also very powerful in reality.……”

“However, the special adapter must be good! The holographic game appeared for the first time, and the temptation of the official opening was great. Tut tut!”

After the buzzing discussion, everyone’s eyes focused on the stage.

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