SAPPS Chapter 95

Damocles Military Academy. 

Currently, the playground was full of students of all grades. Everyone looked up at the huge light projector, looking complex.

When Wei San came back from the underground factory, she saw such a scene as soon as she entered the school gate. The school grounds were very quiet. She had just come back to watch the live broadcast. She immediately found a corner and squatted down to watch it with others.

On the huge light screen, there were three mechas, one of which was a white medium-sized mecha, which seemed to be protecting the two mechas behind. Opposite of them was a huge gray spider, surrounded by several small spiders.

It’s said to be a small spider, but in fact, they were almost as tall as the mechas.

The white mecha directly faced the huge gray spider, and the two mechas behind were in a hurry to deal with the small spiders around.

Wei San subconsciously frowned. In her opinion, the white mecha would lose, and the two mechas behind him couldn’t beat the spiders. Now it just depended on whether the white mecha or the other two mechas would lose first.

“Woo woo, what to do, what to do?”

Wei San’s arm was suddenly pulled. She turned her head rigidly and found that the male classmate next to her was crying while holding a fist.

The corner was too small. When she crowded over, only this male classmate stood here. Now she was added in.

The male classmate pulled Wei San’s arm and seemed to find a place to vent. He sobbed: “Shen Tukun is versing alone against the giant spider. There are so many young spiders next to him. He must not be able to protect the two senior students.”

“The other two are too weak.” Wei San kindly reminded, “If the level of three people is almost the same, they can still have power together.”

The male classmate suddenly stopped crying and looked at Wei San with disgusting eyes: “Shen Tukun is a single mecha fighter, and the other two are mecha engineer and a commander. How can they be at the same level?”

Wei San: “……” Men change their faces so fast now.

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The other two were not so poor in strength. At least they were a little stronger than the A-grade that Wei San has seen at present. After all, they were S-grade, but those spiders were too fierce and they were not enough to see in comparison.

In the light projection, the white mecha held the light knife and stabbed it straight at the mouth of the giant spider. At the same time, one of the claw limbs of the giant spider was inserted into the mecha body, which was close to the mecha cabin.

On the school grounds, there was a continuous inverted sound absorption, and someone could not help standing up even. The male student in the corner anxiously grabbed Wei San’s arm again, trying to gain strength.

Wei San didn’t notice. Her mind was all on the light projection. This part was too dangerous.

Unexpectedly, the action of the white mecha stopped for only one second, then he pulled out the light knife and cut off the claw limb of the giant spider without hesitation. The mecha dragged the broken claw limb and continued to wave the knife, moving forward from the mouth and cutting through the abdomen of the giant spider.

Huge cheers came out on the playground, and everyone was screaming for the reversal of the senior student.

On the other side, however, the young spiders succeeded in attacking. One mecha was besieged by three young spiders, and the mecha cabin was seriously damaged, almost reaching the critical moment.

“Retreat now!” The man in the white mecha shouted at the person in the mecha.

In the next second, another mecha appeared in the light projection. It very neatly forced back the young spiders, but did not hurt them. It only took the person in the mecha cabin, took the mecha and left.

It left the two mecha in place to continue fighting.

Wei San looked at the light projection. There should be rescuers in the mecha that left just now.

At this moment, the playground has fallen into extreme silence, and all faces have the color of defeat.

Wei San turned her head and looked at the male classmate in the corner. His eyes were red, but his tears couldn’t fall out.

“There are two more people.” Wei San comforted.

The male classmate wasn’t disgusted with her this time. After a long silence, he said: “The mecha engineer is out, Shen Tukun’s mecha was damaged, and he still carry the command. The journey has not even gone halfway. There is no hope for this battle.”

The game was coming to an end on the weekend afternoon. There were originally three individual mecha soldiers, but only one white mecha was left.

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