SOOEW Chapter 353 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game VI

The song and dance performances on the stage stopped long ago. Before that, many players on the leaderboard had taken away the special connectors, which greatly satisfied the psychology of ordinary players watching the well-known players.

In fact, before the “final battle”, no matter whether it was Feixue or Fuyi, they were both not very famous. When people talked about her, they mostly said the two names “the wife of the Lord of Heifeng city” and “the wife of the Lord of Fentian city”, like a vague symbol, but the “final battle” made her famous. The attention of “Charming beauty” surpassed the three City owners at once and ranked first in the forum search volume and popularity list!

It was conceivable that people had expectations for her to appear.

It was a pity that this expectation finally failed. After the host sang three times, the stage was still quiet, and no one went up to receive the award.

“Let me just say, if she offended the two big people, even if they can’t meet them in reality, can’t they still destroy her in the online game? If she still wants to safely play the game, I’m sure she won’t appear. What’s the special connector? Doesn’t she have the support of the Wushuang city wonder behind her? What won’t she be able to get?”

“Pei, hindsight! But according to what you say, the charming beauty will continue to appear in the holographic game…….”

“What beautiful woman! I think she is so ugly that she can’t see anyone, so she doesn’t dare to accept the award!”

“Speaking of it, I heard that holographic online games are slightly adjusted according to the actual appearance, and one person can only have one account……”

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After being disappointed, people gradually shifted their attention and began to talk about the uniqueness of holographic online games.

In the VIP room on the side, the door of a room was opened. Yang Yidu was pushed out by the bodyguard in his wheelchair. His expression was calm, but there was a cold light in his eyes. He told the people behind him: “Ask group B to find it and take the photos. If you find it, you don’t have to do anything. If you find her game account, you come back……”

Before he finished speaking, Shuer, the wheelchair passed by a person, and the brake handle of the wheelchair caught the belt of the other person’s shoulder bag. The person walked in a hurry. As soon as the opposite force collided, the shell of the bag was dragged down and fell to the ground.

Yang Yidu subconsciously looked up at her.

This was a very brilliant woman. She was tall. The most common jeans were wrapped in long and straight thighs. Two buttons were opened on her white shirt to reveal the delicate and attractive collarbone. Her long black hair was pulled aside to add a touch of femininity. If her facial features were taken apart, they may not be outstanding, but when they were combined, there was an indescribable charm. Instead of greasy makeup, she was extraordinarily pure and beautiful.

This person just happened to be Wen Ying.

She didn’t use her ID to get the connector. She came to this building to buy a new one.

Yang Yidu couldn’t tell why. Seeing the other party’s heart, it was like a feather dropped in his heart, and it jumped reflexively. Then he bent down to pick up the bag.

But as soon as he reached out half of his hand, he heard the clear, cold voice of the woman, saying, “Your legs and feet are inconvenient. I’ll do it myself.”

This sentence touched his restricted area.

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