SAPPS Chapter 96

The rules of the Hephaestus competition were very simple. Given a map and mark the end point, whichever military academy reaches the end first, wins. The top three have points, namely ten, five and one. There are 12 competitions in the whole competition. The ranking and points would be recorded once a month until the end of the competition, and the top three will be discharged.

The top three military academies tended to have S-grade students, which was also related to the budgets of the military regions behind the military academies.

On the surface, it was just a competition for exchange among S-grade students without any bonus. In fact, it was a war of honor and interests.

The environment of each stadium was complex, not to mention that countless high-level insects and animals hindered the way. At the same time, there were commanders calculating among them. No one of the five military academies would pave the way for anyone. Damocles Military Academy had been targeted. They were exhausted in the last battle.

From the beginning, the people of Samuel Military Academy united with the Imperial Military Academy to destroy the two mecha soldiers of Damocles Military Academy. The two were finally out of the fight. Shen Tukun could escape with the mecha division and the commander, but he didn’t expect to hit the giant spider and the mecha division withdrew from the game.

[the mecha engineering division of Damocles Military Academy is eliminated.]

In the light projection, a robot girl’s voice came from the stadium. People on the playground could only see the white mecha protecting the rear command, constantly killing young spiders, and he even had no time to feel sad.

Everyone quietly looked up at the back of the white mecha on the light curtain. This was the senior of their military academy. Although he was defeated, they were still proud.

Beiwang tower.

Several light projections lit the hall, with more than ten people standing in the middle, staring at each light projection with a serious look.

If Wei San came here, she would discover that there were several people she knew, Xiang Minghua, Li Ze, Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe of the mecha engineering division.

Jin Ke stood in the middle, a distance away from his surroundings. His eyes stayed on the live light projection of the Imperial military academy. He had never watched Damocles Military Academy again. There was no chance. It was useless to see more. It was better to study the experience of the Imperial Military Academy, learn lessons and go further in the next session.

“Shen Tukun did his best.” Xiang Minghua closed his eyes. When he first learned about this year’s freshman list, he was very happy.

Liao family, Huo family and Ying family’s children, and they even had the 3S commander Jin Ke. This collocation would be the first in any year.


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Xiang Minghua breathed heavily. He didn’t know what was going on. The quality of students in the five military academies this year was extremely high.

“Almost every time, the people at Samuel would join hands with the Imperial Academy to play against us.” Jin Hua said, “you should not make an exception at that time.”

Jin Ke nodded: “I know.”

The remaining mecha soldiers and commanders of Damocles Military Academy did not finish the whole process. Although the commander strongly controlled the school team all the way, they met the Pingtong Academy on the way and were directly wiped out.

Looking at the extinguished light projection, no one left the playground for a long time, and the older students were the most uncomfortable. In the past four years, they have watched the failure scene for four years. They have never seen the last race where the light projection of Damocles Military Academy is still on.

“Shit!” Some people got up and scolded that they themselves were not strong enough to even enter the school team, and that the people at Samuel Military Academy were shameless.

Some people on the playground wiped their red eyes and turned to the training ground without saying a word. If they want to become stronger, at least they won’t be delayed by entering the school team.

The male classmate in the corner squatted on the ground and cried, completely unable to control his emotions. “In four years, we have not even won the first three in our military academy since Shen Tukun participated in the Hephaestus competition for the first time.”

“Maybe we can get it in the next session.” Wei San couldn’t stand seeing others cry and patted him on the shoulder. “When I enter the school team, we will definitely be in the top three.”

The male classmate sniffed and raised his red eyes to look at her: “School team? What can you do as a member of the school team?”

Wei San thought, “Can’t I? The shooter should be the most powerful person in the school team.”

“The S-grade is much better than the A-grade shooter.” The male classmate was attracted by her words and then wondered, “Classmate, I think you look familiar.”

It was another person who knew herself because of flipping over the wall.

Wei San quickly cut off the topic: “No matter how powerful the S-grade is, they are also afraid of sneak attacks. There are so many people in our school team, we fuck him!”

“I will graduate and go to the military region in the next term.” The male classmate said sadly, “I can’t watch the live broadcast at school anymore.”

“If you use your light brain to watch it at the military region, we may win the first place in the next school term.”


Wei San tutted: “Before the game even starts, you have no faith.”

The male classmate looked at Wei San with that kind of unfathomable eyes: “The next Imperial Military Academy commander must be Ying Xingjue. He once commanded a battle in the fifth military region and drove back high-level insects and beasts. Looking at the commanders of the five military academies, no one has faced a real battlefield except him.”

“No matter how important the command is, it also requires the cooperation of others.”

“What do you say?”

Wei San also squatted down along the corner of the wall: “As long as other people drop the chain, you know……”

When Wei San and his male classmates boasted, the atmosphere of the Beiwang building had become more and more profound.

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