SOOEW Chapter 354 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game VII

The expression on Yang Yidu’s face suddenly changed, and the bodyguard behind him turned blue and purple for a while. It was too late to stop her. He only heard his young master sneer at the stranger: “That’s right, my legs and feet are immobile, but my hands aren’t broken. Some people have flexible legs and feet, but their eyes have grown to the top of their heads. When they see the disabled, they don’t know how to go around and find trouble by themselves.”

He bit the word “disabled” very hard.

The bodyguard laughed “haha” and hurried to the middle of the hall, “Sorry, it’s inconvenient for our young master. I’d better pick it up for you……”

“Don’t move.”

Wen Ying stopped him with one hand and said to Yang Yidu, “You do it.”

Both were stunned.

“Isn’t your hand not broken? Whoever dropped it will pick it up.”

As soon as he said this, Yang Yidu snorted coldly, gritted his teeth and stooped down to reach the coach bag beside the wheelchair. Just after he picked it up, the button of the bag opened, and the lipstick rolled out. When it rolled to a further position, his stretched arm stiffened.

Wen Ying stood still just like this. Her clear eyes swept down and onto his face, “I hope you know that we won’t just let it be because we want to understand you, not because we want to get used to your bad temper. If you hurt your leg, you hurt it. Is it any good for a dead duck to escape from reality? I don’t think you’re any different from others. There’s no irony in saying that. For me, it’s the same as giving up seats to pregnant women on the bus. Everyone has inconvenient times. Don’t think too much.”

She bent down and took the lipstick with her bag. “Much thanks.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left, no longer caring about his hesitation.

“Did you just hear that just now?” Yang Yidu asked the bodyguard quietly.

The bodyguard was in a daze. He nodded hurriedly when he heard the question. “Young master, I think what she said is a bit……”

“Pregnant women.” Yang Yidu sneered and clenched the armrest of the wheelchair. “Do I look like a pregnant woman?”

Bodyguard: “….”

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Young master, besides his legs, it’s time to cure his brain.

Wen Ying bought a connector that was a nutrition cabin. She went to the activity site and paid a service fee. She asked the express company to send the nutrition cabin to her residence. The nutrition cabin was more expensive than the helmet. She stayed for a long amount of time in the game. After the nutrition solution is injected into the cabin, she can stay offline for at least three days without feeling hungry and tired.

The original owner was still a student. She was about to graduate from her senior year. She had no worries about work and had a lot of time to play games. Her family’s economic conditions were good. Her father was an official. His official position was not high, but he still had skills in working in the imperial capital. By comparison, the background of the “Mobei Eagle” of the city master of Wushuang City was very good. When he was a child, he was suspected of having autism for some time. The original master, as a selected playmate of his age, played with him for a while. At the same time, there were also many other children. The original master was just one of them and was not conspicuous to the other.

But perhaps because she knew that the little boy with a cold face was the existence she looked up to, the original owner silently gave birth to a longing heart. This mood was maintained until she grew up. When she found that he played the same game with herself, she was very happy to join Wushuang City.

In Wen Ying’s opinion, the original owner may not like the other very much. What she liked may be just an idea in her mind, a feeling of liking.

But there was no doubt that she took this feeling seriously.

In order to help him, she did not hesitate to hurt others, painstakingly studying the preferences of the other two city leaders, and learned to deal with trivial help. The reason why she was able to sit down as the wife of the city leader was not how much the two city leaders liked her. It was more likely that they were comfortable with her, or she was useful. This could be seen from the light source diagram. None of the points of light to which they belonged were in her camp.

But apart from other things, she was also very highly watched in the game. It was unknown how many female players coveted her position and wanted to pull her off. Both Duhuo and the Prince Long treated her well. The reason why she could kill Duhuo in the same camp was not only the poison he personally sent, but also the divine weapon that Prince Long gave her, which could ignore the camp.

Wen Ying rubbed her head, she didn’t even know how much impact this bad debt would have on the follow-up.

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