SOOEW Chapter 355 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game VIII

She decided to put these thoughts behind her and laid down in the nutrition cabin. She closed her eyes.

The holographic games were like the world in a dream. What she came to first was the role selection area that popped up only after she logged in for the first time. The gurgling streams, peach branches in full bloom in spring, and chirping birds made people feel like they were in a paradise.

The guide was a young girl dressed in ancient clothes. After making a ceremony with her, she said: “Welcome to the world of ‘Chasing Deer’. You will experience the fantasy of the second world here. I hope you like it. The background of the game is the great dynasty. The Emperor is ignorant, indulges in beauty and alchemy, and pursues immortality. Eunuchs and spoiled concubines bring disaster to the country in troubled times. All the heroes in the world rise together……”

After a short film combined with the guide’s explanation, she only heard her say, “Please give yourself a name.”

“Luo Ying.”

“The name was confirmed successfully. What occupation do you choose?”

A row of characters appeared in front of her, including the characters that appeared in the keyboard version, such as soldiers, pharmacists, assassins, and Leji, who had been played by the original owner. In addition, there were new roles such as archers and scribes. These characters were based on Wen Ying’s appearance. The soldiers were full of heroism, the pharmacists were gentle and delicate, and the assassins were ghostly…….

When she decided to choose a pharmacist career, she suddenly heard the girl in ancient clothes say, “You are the 10000th customer I received. The perfect number of customers have the opportunity to choose a special career.”

Later, two more professions appeared in front of her: Demon and demon hunter.

Such good luck was unthinkable in the past. The characters she assigned each time were in a very bad situation. It was more difficult to be lucky than to go to heaven. It should be Ollie’s “good luck” that played a role.

Wen Ying suddenly felt that it didn’t matter if she didn’t get the special connector. She had brought a great cheat herself.

“What is a demon?”

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“Demon is a special profession. She has unlimited possibilities. Before promotion, she is the most common demon in the human world. She appears in a transparent fog like image. For the promotion of an ordinary profession, she only needs to go to the Taoist temple for certification. For her promotion, she needs to collect rare treasures. Different treasures determine different directions, such as fox demon and plum blossom demon……”

“Just her then.”

Such a profession was obviously tailored for female players. She waved her hand and didn’t even read the introduction of the demon hunter.

If she remembered correctly, it seems that the occupation of Prince Long after entering the holographic online game is a demon catching master.

“The appearance of the game characters can be adjusted up and down according to your own appearance. The adjustment range is 50%. What is your decision?”

Wen Ying wanted to remain the same, but suddenly she thought of the name of “Beautiful city master”. On a whim, she said, “Increase by 50%.” The game is a vigorous and dynamic game, which is interesting only when the wind and the water rises. The fallen god emissary liked to reduce the degree by 50%, but she wanted to increase the degree by 50%. The original appearance of the two people was not much different. I don’t know what kind of changes will be brought about by the 100% difference?

“Chasing Deer” is the first holographic online game. As soon as the server opened, countless players flocked to it, almost crowding out the server.

Wen Ying picked carefully and chose slowly. She neither skipped the opening animation nor missed the professional trial, so she was a step slower than others. When she came to the novice village, although there were still many players catching chickens in the backyard of the village head for task upgrading, more people had completed the level 10 task and went to the town with a transmission array.

Even faster, people like Duhuo, Prince Long and Mobei Eagle may have gathered their guild members and started to establish trade union organizations. Their names were like mobile signboards and remain the same as the keyboard online games. Compared with the other two people, Mobei Eagle, the first city Lord established in the “final battle”, has greater charm to absorb top players and was even busier.

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