SAPPS Chapter 268

Guyu Competition field.

It didn’t rain early in the morning, but the surrounding environment was gray and dark. Even with trees and grass, there was no greenery, and they all had a gray hue.

The five military academies were ready to draw their combat readiness kits, and the main team of Damocles Military Academy was discussing who would draw them.

“Whose hands has good luck?” Liao Runing asked, “Regardless, I don’t have good luck.”

Ying Chenghe turned his gaze to Wei San and said, “At the beginning of school, she drew the only empty dormitory.”

Just listening, it seemed like her hands’ luck looked great.

Wei San humbly said, “That was an accident.”

The live broadcast started from here, Yu Tianhe laughed: “The atmosphere of Damocles Military Academy team seems to be good all the time. Other military academy teams are too serious, and the atmosphere is a bit depressing.”

The person in charge of extracting combat readiness packages from other military academies has not changed since the first arena, Ying Xingjue is responsible for the Imperial Military Academy, and Zongzheng Yue from Pingtong Academy……all of them have the greatest say in the main team.

There was no change on the faces of the leaders and teachers sitting below. They all said in their hearts, “It’s clear that Damocles Military Academy was the most serious and repressive in the past, and I don’t know why they have recruited such a group of shameless people this year.”.

“Wei San, you pick, next time Liao Running will pick.” Jin Ke commanded simply,” Since we all have poor luck, there’s no difference.”

One person from each of the five major military academies lined up to draw combat readiness bags, while Wei San was sandwiched between Ying Xingjue and Zongzheng Yue.

Normally, Wei San should feel restrained before the competition. Before the competition, all parties judged the strongest three in this year: Ying Xingjue, Ji Chuyu, and Zongzheng Yue.

She was now standing between two people, feeling somewhat stressed.

But at this moment, whether it is the live audience or the netizens in front of the live camera, they only saw Wei San’s hands inserted in the pockets of her training jacket, one leg extended out of the team, her heel is on the ground, and her toes are facing up, leisurely shaking without feeling any pressure.

This posture is commonly seen in various queues of ordinary people, rather than in the tall and upright ranks of military academy students.

Everyone: “……” This person really refreshes others’ cognition at all times.

Wei San waited for the organizer to prepare her combat readiness kit, her gaze fixed on Ying Xingjue’s long hair in front of her. It looked black and smooth, very easy to touch, completely different from his cousin’s dry and rough hair.

In a daze, Wei San took out her hand from her pocket and quietly moved forward, trying to touch it unconsciously.

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Step on a point first, it will be convenient to start in the future.

Wei San thought to herself.

She touched the end of his long hair with her fingers, and the cold and smooth touch came from her fingertips. Such good hair……it’s a pity not to burn it.

Before Wei San could touch him a second time, Ying Xingjue turned his head and said, “What are you doing?”

She immediately withdrew her hand, inserted it into her pocket, looked up at the sky, and pretended that Ying Xingjue was not talking to herself.

Could it be that 3S had perception even on his hair strands? Obviously, the movements were so light.

Yu Tianhe, who has been looking at the camera, said, “…….” How should she explain this?

Audience in the live broadcast room.

[What is Wei San doing? !]

[How dare she take action against Ying Xingjue? It must be a provocation to Imperial!]

[Stinky and shameless! She even rubbed it with her hand! ! !]


The audience exploded when they saw this scene!

Ying Xingjue is definitely someone from a wealthy family, with outstanding appearance and abilities, coupled with a noble and luxurious temperament, belonging to an unattainable type.

This Wei San actually touched the hair of Ying Xing Jue, attempting to defile and provoke one of Imperial’s Twin Stars.

Following this, there will definitely be a dispute, and all the audience will have the same idea: fight, fight!

Ying Xingjue’s gaze swept over her fingers, and the two were so close. From the moment Wei San raised her hand, he sensed her movements and wanted to know what Wei San was going to do without turning around, but he didn’t expect her to have thoughts about his hair.

The teacher over there was already calling for Ying Xingjue to come forward and draw his combat readiness bag. He lowered his eyes and turned around, walking forward.

After Ying Xingjue finished drawing his bag, it was Wei San’s turn. As if she had never been caught before, she reached out to draw the combat readiness bag and displayed it back to the team members.

“Did you really use your hands to touch my cousin? !” Ying Chenghe pulled Wei San over, that was his cousin! One of the Imperial Twin Stars! He’s never been so offended before!

Wei San glanced at him and said, “Chenghe, you need to be precise with your words. I only touched his hair once!”

He spoke as if she had offended Ying Xingjue.

Jin Ke took the combat readiness bag, opened it for inspection, and remained silent for a long time: “The materials used in this competition are actually……”

“Full? “Liao Runing leaned over and asked.

“Not a single one. “Jin Ke raised his hand and covered his heart, feeling that he urgently needed a heart saving pill.

“It’s none of my business. It must be the geomancy of Damocles Military Academy.” Wei San immediately shirked her responsibility.

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