SOOEW Chapter 526 – Two Vampires have No Blood to Drink XXXVI

She has sweetly called him “Oz” so many times, and no matter what danger arises, the first thing she thinks of is him. She is willing to maintain his mood, even though he is the vampire she hates the most. Perhaps it was not just Oz’s passionate love for her, but in an environment filled with oppression and anxiety for her, facing Oz’s unreserved efforts to protect her, she was also moved.

For her, Oz is a brand new independent individual.

It’s not Osmund.

It’s not Oswald either.


After experiencing the love poem incident, the dining atmosphere in the restaurant became even more eerie.

Oswald’s eyelids drooped slightly, and his expression was somewhat indescribably gloomy. The familiar mirror-like face and expression actually made Osmund a bit uncomfortable.

“The blood delivered today has a mediocre taste.”

“En, Winston said it’s a high-quality population with a physical examination of A+ or above, but……”

The two of them were chatting without a match, and Oswald resisted the rude urge to spit breakfast back into his cup, discussing dull topics with his brother like every breakfast time in the past.

The servants gradually served the dishes.

On the almost endless dining table, filling up with dishes is also a vase-like decoration. When a plate of Wen Ying’s favorite dish was brought up, the servant also placed it on Oswald’s right hand due to habit. Oswald looked at Osmund and spoke to him. The cup in his right hand was placed on the table, and he naturally took the dish into the small dish.

Just as he was about to place the plate next to him, the empty seat made him realize in a flash what he was doing!

It was so quiet during the banquet that they could hear a needle drop.

Osmund tried his best not to look at Oswald’s expression, but when he wanted to remind him earlier, it was obviously too late. Oswald’s emotions were even more out of control than he had imagined. The other party suddenly dropped the tableware in their hands, and the knives and forks hit the dining plate with a clattering sound!

And his brother’s uncertain expression at the moment was like brewing an unknown storm, as if to tear apart the culprit who had turned him into this.

At this moment, Winston’s hurried footsteps broke the atmosphere in the restaurant, “Your Excellency——”

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“What’s the matter?” Osmund chuckled lightly. “Is there anything that makes you look this pale?”

Winston’s expression was solemn and rare, ‘Miss Ying is missing!’

“What? !”

Wen Ying was stolen by someone.

She was stolen by a well-known group of vampires who specialize in travelers and thieves, and their behavior is quite reckless. They do not avoid being associated with the lowest level of laborers and doing tasks that other vampires disdain as laborers. They enjoy walking around the world, collecting what they see and hear, and using secret codes to communicate with each other, which is quite mysterious.

But their mystery is because they never stay in the upper class society that most vampires enjoy, and are an unwelcome group among vampires. However, at certain times, both parties inevitably engage in private transactions.

Wen Ying was caught without any struggle or resistance——it was useless, and after knowing who the person who caught her was, she felt that the timing was just right.

Due to amnesia and lack of sleep, her entire person still feels a bit dazed, unconsciously recalling what happened last night.

Oswald ultimately did not put his ideas into practice, after the crystal bottle was smashed.

This is a quite thrilling battle.

Although she was slowly eroding their hearts, her position that could be violated at any time was destined to make the road ahead full of thorns. Even now, she can recall every minute and every second of that time, and the cold sweat she shed may be more than the blood she shed.

She is not a divine figure, of course she didn’t know that Osmund would come to find her, nor did she know that Oswald would happen to break into the bathroom.

But she knows about ecstasy.

This potion has a characteristic that, in addition to its expiration date, it can also be unlocked according to the wishes of the person who ordered it, but almost every person who takes the medicine is in order to enjoy the love that doesn’t belong to them for a while longer, so no one wants to personally solve it. Over time, this antidote becomes unknown. What she did was seize the unexpected development and turn every unfavorable condition into a favorable one.

However, the result of smashing the bottle still made her feel disappointed. She really planned to give it to Oz on his birthday.

She was forced to untie the ecstasy in advance, and at the moment the bottle shattered, she felt as if she had killed Oz herself.

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