REGML Chapter 75 – Past Events of the Lost Village XXVII

Ruan Qiao did not take any medicine, so if there is a way to escape this dilemma, it is not a waste. The instructions for the medicine say ‘one pill at a time, strengthen the body and eliminate hallucinations’.

If it is truly a fantasy, the danger is not as high, and of course, it does not mean that such a strange environment is absolutely safe.

At least in her opinion, there is important information hidden behind these scary scenes, which may be helpful for tomorrow’s action.

This corridor is long and leads straight to unknown places.

Ruan Qiao stood at this end, while the other end of the corridor was pitch black.

[Bullet screen Roll Powder] You are on this end, the ghost is on that end.

[Bullet screen Alice] Nostalgia……?

Pass pada

Her footsteps echoed in the corridor.

Every once in a while, a dim yellow electric light appears overhead. On the ceiling, it was swaying and the dim yellow light fell on the mottled walls. The walls were covered in black blood stains. Some parts of the wall have cracked, like cracked and dry skin.

The gray and old walls were covered with dark blood stains.

The dim yellow light flickered and stretched and flattened the girl’s shadow characters.

She doesn’t know how long she’s been walking, but all around her is the sound of her own footsteps.

Something different finally appeared ahead.

A white plastic bucket.

The plastic bucket is large and can hold almost an entire adult.

Ruan Qiao walked closer, and when the plastic bucket was only three meters away from her, the moans and bone friction that had filled the entire corridor disappeared simultaneously.

She slowly reached out her hand.

The girl’s slender arm moved onto the plastic bucket and touched the lid.

With a forceful lift, the lid of the plastic bucket was lifted by Ruan Qiao.

A strong, strange odor and rust came out of the barrel.

Ruan Qiao frowned.

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The plastic bucket is like a black underground entrance.

She extended her head and looked into the bucket.

Holding the bucket wall with both hands, leaning forward.

A blue hand suddenly protruded from inside and fiercely grabbed  at Ruan Qiao’s wrist.

The strength of this hand was immense, and in an instant it pulled her into the bucket.

The circular outlet above her head was slammed shut, and after falling into this pitch black space, Ruan Qiao couldn’t even touch the edge of the plastic bucket.

[Bullet screen Liu Liu] omg, take the medicine quickly, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

[Bullet screen Nian Zhou] The broadcaster is really giving me anxiety

[Bullet screen Codewriter] Definite box lunch, it’s too foolish to continue to watch anymore

The number of people in the live broadcast room is also decreasing, and Ruan Qiao has no intention of watching the screen. Instead, she truly felt this strange space and immediately exclaimed, “It’s bigger inside!

[Bullet screen Aqi Aliu Ajiu] ? ?

[Bullet Curtain Han Tan Du Ya] The host’s brain circuit is strange, and at this time, they are still playing with DW memes

[Bullet screen Nian Zhou] What does that mean? Seeking explanation

[Bullet screen Liu Liu] DW is an old British drama. There was a telephone booth inside, which is a small telephone booth from the outside. After entering, you will find that there is more space inside. So everyone who enters will exclaim that it’s even bigger inside.

If it is really DW’s telephone booth, Ruan Qiao will wake up with a smile in her dreams. Unfortunately, it is just a horrible space full of strange smells and fingers can’t be seen.

Ruan Qiao stood up and heard the faint sound of arguments and heavy objects hitting people from above. She turned her head and faced the ghost she had just seen in the room.

The ghost emitted a piercing scream and instantly retreated into the darkness.

Ruan Qiao calmly said, “I’m here to find someone.”

The person who was originally suspected to be missing was in the black factory, but now she has already encountered a ghost in the Zhang family.

There are only two possibilities, one is that the Zhang family has problems, and the other is that both the Zhang family and the factory have problems.

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