SU Chapter 44

Old Madam Xie’s heart and mind all ran towards Xie Ce, staring at the door and waiting for Xie Ce to appear.

Madam Xie also looked towards the direction of the door, but her eyebrows furrowed slightly, as if she was pondering something.

Yin Mingyu’s gaze swept over the faces of the two Old Madam Xies and silently drank the tea at hand.

When the nurse walked in with Xie Ce in her arms, Old Madam Xie immediately smiled lovingly and waved to Xie Ce, “Ce’er, come quickly.”

Xie Ce caught sight of Yin Mingyu at a glance. As his great grandmother greeted him, he turned around and quickly turned to Yin Mingyu, his bright eyes fixed on her.

Yin Mingyu noticed the delicious taste in Old Madam Xie’s expression and pulled up the corner of her mouth, even if it was a response, then lowered her head again.

The nanny led Xie Ce to the ground, and Xie Ce saluted Old Madam Xie and Madam Xie. When it was Yin Mingyu’s turn, he turned around and ran into the room. The nanny and maidservant quickly followed him.

Old Madam Xie raised her voice slightly and warned, “Teach him to run slowly, don’t fall!”

Xie Ce’s figure disappeared, and she just turned back and said, “This child, I don’t know what he wants to do.”

Madam Xie smiled and said, “Don’t worry about what he’s doing. Look how angry you are.”

Older generations are the most concerned about their children’s health, Old Madam Xie agreed, “Indeed”

Yin Mingyu smiled and remained silent.

Not long after, Xie Ce ran out again, holding a wooden sword in his hand.

He walked relatively steadily, and when he started running, he started to shake a bit. Old Madam Xie was not at ease and repeatedly taught him to slow down.

But Xie Ce ran two steps away from Yin Mingyu and quickly stopped, with a look of wanting to get close but also embarrassed.

There was a sudden silence in the main room. Almost all looked at the scene in surprise and wondered why Xie Ce suddenly became close to the stepwife.

Yin Mingyu looked down at him without speaking, and then turned to Old Madam Xie.

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Old Madam Xie’s expression became even more savory. Madam Xie took the lead and smiled, “Ce’er, salute your mother.”

Someone instructed Xie Ce to have a direction, but as soon as he raised his hand, he noticed that the wooden sword in his hand was in the way. He didn’t know how to salute with the wooden sword, but was unwilling to throw it away. He looked around in a daze.

Yin Mingyu leaned closer and reached out to signal him.

Xie Ce placed the wooden sword in her hand, then folded his hands and raised it high, bending down to salute.

Madam Xie praised him and said, “It’s a good day outside today. Let’s teach your mother to take you to the garden to play.”

Old Madam Xie hesitated to speak, frowning.

Upon seeing this, Yin Mingyu stood up directly. The wooden sword flipped over in her hand, and when she saluted, her two thumbs pressed the handle of the sword, with the body facing downwards, and she retired to the two elders.

Xie Ce stared intently at her movements as she walked, running after her without anyone to hold or lead him.

Yin Mingyu took one step, he had to take two or three steps, and after a while, he ran a bit panting.

The nurse chased after the maid and said she wanted to hold him, but Yin Mingyu heard it and didn’t care, so she carried a wooden sword and walked ahead.

Xie Ce only had a wooden sword in his eyes, and his small hand pushed away the nanny and continued running excitedly.

The nanny couldn’t help but say to her step madam, “Young Madam, Xiao Langjun is a bit tired……”

“Is that right?” Yin Mingyu stopped and nervously looked at Xie Ce. “If we’re too tired to afford it, why don’t we go back?”

Upon hearing this, Xie Ce faced resistance and shook his head with his hands behind his back. “No! Not returning!”

Yin Mingyu looked helplessly at the nurse and said that she had persuaded him, but it was useless.

Then she gestured and pointed towards the pavilion in the center of the garden, saying, “If you don’t want him to stay there for a while, then go back.”

The garden of Xie Mansion is very large, dividing the front and back yards, and the scenery is also beautiful. There is a winding water flowing through the garden, which divides it in two.

Both the Xie and Yin families come from Jiangnan and prefer Jiangnan garden scenery, emphasizing step by step scenery, with intricate and delicate details.

This autumn, the chrysanthemums by the water slowly bloom, although they have not yet fully bloomed, they are still worth appreciating.

The location of the pavilion was the most suitable for viewing chrysanthemums, which Yin Mingyu had long thought about. After finishing, she lifted her foot and headed straight there.

The others can only follow.

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