SAPPS Chapter 295

Jin Ke: ……alright, it was truly a weapon created by Xumi gold.

The giant black skin star beast probably did not anticipate that its toughest part had been damaged by humans, and immediately bared its fangs to threaten the other party.

Wei San acted like she didn’t see it and attacked the star beast from start to finish, without even doing any defense against the mecha.

The 3S high-grade star beast was constantly pushed back by a novice 3S mecha soldier.

When the giant black skin star beast reached out its claws and attacked, Wei San controlled the mecha to lie on its knees, completely parallel to the ground, avoiding its attack. With a single blade facing upwards, it sliced off half of the star beast’s nose.


The giant black skin star beast retreated repeatedly, making a low roar and aiming at Wei San, suddenly spitting out a pile of mud in its throat.

Wei San felt a dark shadow rushing towards her and immediately got up, jumping up to avoid it.

The mud fell to the ground, gradually turning into mucus and making a sizzling sound.

Wei San twisted her neck, trying to control her emotions and calm down.

Facing the giant black skin star beast, one beast and one mecha looked at each other while charging towards each other.

Half way through, the giant black skin star beast suddenly jumped up, ready to knock down Wei San. Wei San jumped at the same time, taller than the giant black skin star beast. She extended her left hand and held onto the right hand holding the big knife, instantly splitting into two combined swords.

Wei San took off and released her sword with both hands. She then held onto the handle with her back hand and stepped on the back of the giant black skin star beast, with two knives stabbing straight into its back.

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The giant black skin star beast was trampled to the ground and wanted to resist angrily. Wei San drew out her double swords and once again inserted them into its abdomen, turning with force.

The star beast let out a weak howl, slowly losing its struggling power.

Successfully solved a high-grade star beast, Wei San reached out and touched her nose, feeling for blood, replacing it with a new paper ball.

“Go, go, go!”

Liao Runing rushed from behind, with some blood on his mecha, leading Jin Ke and Ying Chenghe to continue towards the finish line.

“There are more and more high-grade star beasts behind.” Huo Xuanshan followed closely and walked with Wei San.

After several rounds of hard resistance, the five of them advanced a little further, and the star beasts gathered more and more.

“Am I having an illusion?” Ying Chenghe had already reluctantly restored his mecha to its original protective state. “I haven’t heard the sound of the Imperial Academy reaching the finish line yet.”

“I didn’t hear either. What are they doing?” Liao Runing asked Jin Ke, “Commander, do you know what the reason is?”

“I don’t know.” Jin Ke said. “Perhaps they’ve encountered a high-level star beast again.”

“That miserable?” Liao Runing was surprised. Generally, on the track, the finish line of the 3S star beast will be controlled between one or two heads, and only the high difficulty arena will have multiple 3S grade star beasts, and even various mutated high level star beasts.

Jin Ke: “……No matter how miserable they are, they can’t compare to us now.”

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