SOOEW Chapter 553 – Three Year Itch II

Wen Ying carefully looked at the man standing in front of her. The other person was wearing a dark gray woven flower sweater, and the snowflake element had a youthful and lively color, simple and beautiful. He has broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs. He is also wearing a pair of black gloves with fingertips exposed. His appearance is very young, he looks only around 25 or 26 years old, but in fact, he is already 29 years old. Regardless of his attire and demeanor, he still has the childish charm of a big boy. Only the messy hair that falls on his forehead also shows a hint of decadence as a man.

After throwing the check away, Yan Zhengqi thrust one hand into his pants pocket, clearly angry, but with a weariness in his posture that he was too lazy to argue with her.

This debate was obviously not just about this one.

The two are of the same age, graduated from the same school and major, and were also the best couple under the school’s attention. However, the Yan family is a wealthy family, and the original owner’s family background is very ordinary. Her mother passed away when she was young and she was raised by her father alone. His father was just an ordinary teacher. Perhaps because of this, she does not have any experience to learn from in managing marriage.

At the beginning, their marriage was happy and sweet, after all, it was due to sincere love and union. Yan Zhengqi refused the request for a family alliance for her and insisted on marrying her. As a result, he was exiled by the Yan family from the headquarters to a subsidiary, and his efforts were seen by the original owner. Therefore, he was willing to endure the domineering guidance of his family for him, but as time passed, the contradictions quickly became apparent. She has excellent business skills and joined the Yan Group after graduation. She worked as a deputy general manager in a subsidiary company, assisting her husband Yan Zhengqi as the general manager. Contradictions arise as a result.

“Speak!” The man took half a step forward, unable to tolerate her silence and urging her.

“Since nothing has happened between you both, why are you so nervous? “Wen Ying kicked half the glass at her feet and walked out all the way, “only you are allowed to care about and pity her mom’s heavy disease, that she’s too pitiful working alone, and grant her a million, and i cannot?”


“Since you refused the check for her, I wouldn’t bother to please her.” she surrendered with her half raised hands.” She is as clean as ice and as pure as jade, and I shouldn’t tarnish her with dirty money. Is this okay?”

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“You are really——” he gritted his teeth, his eyes burning with anger, “unreasonable!”

She turned back quickly, her eyes as cold as a layer of ice. “Who the hell is unreasonable? Is it because I’m dirty outside, because I’m hooking up with a little celebrity and making headlines? Is it because I have more money and no place to spend it, spreading love everywhere?”

“I already told you that Shen Ye and I are not what you think, so you women can’t tolerate others having their own strengths. That’s right, you’re great. You can support a company on your own, and everyone in the company says their greetings, but she’s not bad either. Her life is even harder, and she has to bear her mother’s medical expenses and brother’s tuition fees. Unlike you, at least your father hasn’t put you through any hardship, but she doesn’t complain at all, works hard, and never thinks of relying on betraying herself to earn a living.” He once misunderstood that she was that kind of woman and insulted her in her words. When he found out about her true character, he naturally felt guilty.

He said, “She was able to survive under such pressure without succumbing to society, which is truly moving.”

Without realizing it, Wen Ying’s hand fell down and her nails dug into the leather sofa. “Oh, did she move you? Did she move your heart or your kidneys?”

Yan Zhengqi didn’t expect to take the trouble to explain and was only returned with such a sentence. He angrily threw another cup and said, “Don’t use your dirty ideas to speculate about things between me and her!”

“Between you and her,” she sneered, “the person who did the dirty thing first is still afraid of what others will look at him?”

He consciously ran out of patience and couldn’t bear it anymore. He grabbed the car key on the table and left.

She watched him walk all the way to the door and coldly asked, “There is a high-level meeting at ten o’clock. Would President Yan be willing to take the time to attend?”

Her response was a ‘bang’, and the door was slammed shut heavily!

After the “Great War”, the room was desolate and silent, scattered like the precarious marriage.

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