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Transmigration / CEO president
Gaming / VR / Future
Quick Transmigration
Interstellar war/ Comedy

SAPPS Chapter 97

As the game drew to a close, two of the remaining military academies were approaching the finish line. Before the finish line, there was a confrontation between the two military academies, which was basically the focus of each game every year. Pingtong Academy and Imperial Military Academy. Pingtong Academy lost a single mecha soldier. Before … Read More SAPPS Chapter 97

WFILTU Chapter 466 – Love you III

Father Lin stood up angrily and gasped: “What does she mean? She only considers Gu Xuejiao and doesn’t care about Zhihua’s embarrassing situation? !” Mother Lin sighed and sat down on the sofa: “Looking at her meaning, Gu Xuejiao would not consider getting married in the next few years.” “Do they think Zhihua must have … Read More WFILTU Chapter 466 – Love you III

WFILTU Chapter 465 – Love you II

When the car drove a long way, Cheng Shuo could not help asking, “How’s school recently?” Xue Jiao, with bright eyes, replied excitedly: “At last, we have some direction, but the three of us are going to slow down the pace a bit. After all, the final exams are coming soon. On senior sister Zhang … Read More WFILTU Chapter 465 – Love you II

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