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SOOEW Chapter 71 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXII

When this scene greeted his eyes, Song Zheng only felt that his emotions were mixed. She had always been very attentive towards them. That night, Wen Ying didn’t receive Song Zheng’s questioning and was very surprised. When the second day arrived, the Emperor issued a decree stating that because Song Zheng was meritorious for fighting against military disorder, his wife, Wen Ying was specially … Read More SOOEW Chapter 71 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXII

WFILTU Chapter 88 – Enemy I

It was Li Sitong, Xue Jiao’s mother. She apparently arrived in a hurry, with some sweat on her forehead: “Teacher, what’s the matter?” While saying that, Li Sitong walked into the office and walked over to Xue Jiao. She almost subconsciously wanted to ask——What trouble did you cause again? However, all the previous events flashed through her brain, no way! She can’t not trust … Read More WFILTU Chapter 88 – Enemy I

SOOEW Chapter 70 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXI

Song Zheng’s footsteps stopped, his thin lips tightened, and for a while, he was inexplicably timid. If his Majesty treats her like this, she can be called by others as having a good destiny, and the two will be praised for their love of husband and wife. Then what does his usual behaviour count as? He tried to sort through his memories of the … Read More SOOEW Chapter 70 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXI

WFILTU Chapter 87 – Parents III

He believed that his son could not hit the teacher, even if he hit, he couldn’t hit the teacher for no reason. Hence, he was not in a hurry before and was even worried about whether the teacher will force him to a certain level, that would make him want to “beat” the teacher. But he doesn’t know that his son will fall in … Read More WFILTU Chapter 87 – Parents III

WFILTU Chapter 86 – Parents II

On this Thursday, Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu stood in the office waiting. Yin Fang was sure that Yi Tianyu wanted to hit her at that moment, and now she couldn’t listen to any explanation. She was sure that Yi Tianyu’s reaction must be something! She sat in the office angrily and said nothing. When Yi Tianyu calmed down, he knew that he had … Read More WFILTU Chapter 86 – Parents II

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