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WFILTU Chapter 203 – Dream II

This morning, Yi Tianyu came to school very early. Then in front of Xue Jiao’s desk, he reached for a stack of love letters, which was his daily life activity. “It’s been a long time since the competition. Why are there so many love letters?”?? Do these people write love letters every day instead of … Read More WFILTU Chapter 203 – Dream II

WFILTU Chapter 202 – Dream I

Yi Tianyu’s mood was quite complicated. Wasn’t it more common for a girl to send a love letter? Why does the nerd receive more love letters than he does? So how popular was the nerd? Xue Jiao doesn’t know that her love letters were being intercepted. She was about to enter the third year of … Read More WFILTU Chapter 202 – Dream I

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