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Transmigration / CEO president
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Quick Transmigration
Interstellar war/ Comedy

REGML Chapter 71 – Past Events of the Lost Village XXIII

[Bullet screen Jinmian] This ID style…… I seem to have seen it in my grandma’s Chat log screenshot book before [Bullet Screen Nu] I should have a name when I bury my love for Leng Shao [Bullet Curtain Aqi Aliu Ajiu] Put down the Pinru Wardrobe! [Bullet Screen Ashley] Hahahaha, you guys are toxic. What…

SAPPS Chapter 271

After Xi Haotian spoke aloud the phrase ‘completely failed’ in his heart, the audience on the live broadcast raised their ears and listened to him explain why. “As a 3S grade individual, she took too long. This is just a double S grade star beast.” Xi Haotian added. Yu Tianhe disagrees with his statement: “This…

SOOEW Chapter 529 – Two Vampires have No Blood to Drink XXXIX

“Aren’t you?” They were even more surprised than her, and then they laughed again. “Even if it wasn’t at first, it would still be. The men outside either rely on women to support them, cheat on them, or have little ability to shout and drink at women. Compared to those, the Duke is handsome, wealthy,…

SU Chapter 36

After several attempts, Xie Ce’s eyes gradually filled with a bubble of tears, eager to fall but not fall. The nanny attempted to dissuade again: “Young madam……” Yin Mingyu didn’t wait for her to finish speaking, so she calmly put away two wooden swords. Xie Ce anxiously watched as the wooden swords disappeared, momentarily with…

SOOEW Chapter 528 – Two Vampires have No Blood to Drink XXXVIII

It is said to be a dungeon, but it is actually just a cellar for storing wine, with a barrier set up to temporarily lock people inside. As soon as Wen Ying walked in, the gloomy air immediately gathered around her, attempting to invade the luxurious long dress she was wearing. Frenaud still dressed like…

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