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WFILTU Chapter 191 – Mentor V

That big shot shared a lot of interesting things about mathematics. At that time, Xue Jiao thought that the boring theorems with names in the original books had interesting stories of those lovely mathematicians behind them. Fermat…… Fermat’s Last Theorem…… Dididi—— As the time passed by slowly, Xue Jiao never wrote. Twenty five minutes later, … Read More WFILTU Chapter 191 – Mentor V

WFILTU Chapter 190 – Mentor IV

“The third round also takes 40 minutes, 30 minutes to answer questions and 10 minutes for judges to ask questions.” The host teacher’s words fell to the ground, and the five people were immediately stunned. They originally thought that these professors and the audience came to have a look, but they turned out to be … Read More WFILTU Chapter 190 – Mentor IV

SOOEW Chapter 147 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIX

Bi Fang let the gluttonous snake entwine around his body, and looked up at her, “It’s truly rare, when have you started to like to play games?” “Just……” Wen Ying blinked, “when I was dreaming.” He continued to bend his head to control the buttons and asked casually, “Nightmare?” “It definitely wasn’t!” She protested, “I … Read More SOOEW Chapter 147 – Beautiful girl that walked out from a manga XXIX

WFILTU Chapter 189 – Mentor III

“The students who passed the second round were——” Her breath suffocated again, keeping an eye on him. “Yang Zhan, Zheng Mingyu, Bai Jiu, Cheng Mingze, Gu Xuejiao.” Suddenly, everyone was stunned, Li Lei’s face became visibly pale to the naked eye. The boy, who has been preparing for the competition for so many years, had … Read More WFILTU Chapter 189 – Mentor III

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