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TN- Translating conflict is like slowly ripping a band-aid, or our editor every so frequently dropping her boba…

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Transmigration / CEO president
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Interstellar war/ Comedy

SAPPS Chapter 11

“I’m leaving. Take care.” Jin Ke affectionately held Wei San’s hand. “I know there must be a reason for you to stay here. If we are destined then let’s meet again.” Jin·King of Overactive Imagination·Ke: The expert family was anonymous on Star 3212. He couldn’t pierce through it. Wei San: “? ? ?” Wei San … Read More SAPPS Chapter 11

SAPPS Chapter 10

Seven years later, Wei San was still the poor Wei San. She didn’t discover any way to get rich at all. The world was too fucking daddy. Science and technology were highly developed. There was basically no market here for what Wei San could do. The first time she went to the city to sell … Read More SAPPS Chapter 10

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