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SOOEW Chapter 478 – Younger Sister’s Lover XL

“Such a coincidence. ” To the surprise of Wen Ying, Shan Yao took the initiative to greet Gong Xuan. The appearance of their meeting and having a long conversation reminded her of the injury on his arm. At the beginning, he said that Gong Xuan hit him, making her very concerned about what happened between…

SAPPS Chapter 220

He has already grasped the Qisha sword, and his wrist is slightly moving. He is about to wield the third kill, piercing the mouthpiece of the redfoot spider from the bottom to the top. The high-level star beasts are sensitive to danger, giving up the prey they are about to bite, stepped back and quickly…

SU Chapter 19 – Princess Weiyang II

Old madam Xie rubbed his head, raised her head and asked the nanny, “What’s wrong with Ce’er?” Madam Xie also looks at the nanny and is very concerned. The nanny stood up respectfully and reported: “replying to Old Madam, Xiao Langjun is all right, but Lanjun’s concubine, Zhu Cao, ordered a maid to give Xiao…

SOOEW Chapter 477 – Younger Sister’s Lover XXXIX

He Wei rolled her eyes and said, “Even if you don’t say it, I would know. I’m not stupid.” Last night, because of Wen Ying sleeping, the rooms of the boys and girls were changed. He Wei found that she was sleeping soundly as soon as she entered the room. It’s hard to think of…

SAPPS Chapter 219

The Imperial Academy chose two star beasts farther away from the end point, while Pingtong Academy encountered a larger number of four-headed star beasts led by the Imperial Academy, and the time for the two military academies to reach the end point was moved back. In this way, if the two military academies encounter a…

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