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WFILTU Chapter 141 – Meal IV

Lin Zhihua did not speak, only reached for her bowl and scooped soup for her. “Don’t pay attention to her and eat something first. Although the woman has a strange temper, her craftsmanship was inherited from the imperial chefs.” Xue Jiao’s eyes widened and she drank the soup quickly. Super delicious!! Xue Jiao has never … Read More WFILTU Chapter 141 – Meal IV

WFILTU Chapter 140 – Meal III

“Boss, we have arrived.” The driver interrupted them softly. Lin Zhihua nodded and then looked towards Xue Jiao: “Let’s get off and go eat.” As he said this, he pulled open the car door. Xue Jiao also hurriedly opened it. It was a very low-key shop, on the corner of an alley. When the car … Read More WFILTU Chapter 140 – Meal III

WFILTU Chapter 139 – Meal II

Coming out of the hotel door, Xue Jiao exhaled. She took out her phone, and typed that number, which was almost instantly picked up. “Wei, Lin Zhihua, where are you?” The other party’s voice was magnetic and pleasant: “You are already at the door of the hotel?” Xue Jiao answered with an en. On the … Read More WFILTU Chapter 139 – Meal II

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