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TN- Translating conflict is like slowly ripping a band-aid, or our editor every so frequently dropping her boba…

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SAPPS Chapter 141

Wei San could not help feeling depressed and exhausted. She stuffed her nose and nestled in bed, then she sent a message to Jin Ke to prepare for her will and future endeavors. Secretly begging for food: [I still have 43.42 million yuan in my account. If anything happens, remember to give the money to … Read More SAPPS Chapter 141

SAPPS Chapter 140

This book about aesthetics was not thick, about 40 pages, but Yu Qingfei added a lot into the contents. He carefully painted the inside of the mecha from a certain angle. When attacking, it will display some traces, beautiful and delicate. In short, it is invisibly showing off. Each page was different in color matching, … Read More SAPPS Chapter 140

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