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Transmigration / CEO president
Historical / Transmigration
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Interstellar war/ Comedy

SAPPS Chapter 195

Wei San flipped through the competition prizes of Sadu Star’s Underground Factory Forum: “What is Xumi Gold?” Huo Xuanshan looked at her light brain and said, “It is a first class material, and it needs a lot of perception. It can only be used on the 3S mechas, but not on other levels of mechas.”…

REGML Chapter 20 – The Orphanage of Horror XX

[Bullet screen] ! !It’s here……! [Bullet screen] Necromancy? Ruan Qiao bent her mouth slightly, turned her head and continued to knock on the blackboard. When she finished speaking, she looked back and saw the shadow at the door. It was the shadow of an eight or nine year old boy. Even in the room full…

SOOEW Chapter 452 – Younger Sister’s Lover XIV

“You ask me why I have become so, why don’t you ask yourself why you can change so quickly? Aren’t we in love? Don’t you like me?” She breathes fast, tears fall down suddenly, and there is no crying, she just looks at him with eyes open and eyes blinking, “I know we can’t be…

REGML Chapter 19 – The Orphanage of Horror XIX

When she looked at Su Xi’s windbreaker, she thought it was a little big. Su Xi was tall, but very slender. The black windbreaker rose slightly between his strides, like the tail of a swallow. Now, she was in his windbreaker. When she looked up, she could see Su Xi’s pale face, his clear profile,…

SOOEW Chapter 451 – Younger Sister’s Lover XIII

It has been nearly half an hour since the bell rang for the evening self-study. The students have already returned to the dormitory in succession. Occasionally, there is a rustling sound. It was  lovers who sneak through the bushes, but because it is getting late, they are gradually getting further away. The street lamp in…

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