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WFILTU Chapter 247 – Past VI

With Xue Jiao around, his patience would be much better. Xue Jiao apologized awkwardly: “Sorry, I didn’t know. I won’t do it again next time……” “It’s nothing.” Lin Zhihua stretched out his hand, gently rubbed her head, then quickly restrained his hand, “You don’t need to apologize to me.” He didn’t like to hear her … Read More WFILTU Chapter 247 – Past VI

WFILTU Chapter 246 – Past V

“I’m driving so slowly that nothing would happen even if I hit you! And this is a new bike! Look here. It’s all broken. Can you afford it? “ The man appeared very angry, glaring at Lin Zhihua, eyes wide, furious. Lin Zhihua’s voice became even colder and his eyes were piercing. “I don’t know … Read More WFILTU Chapter 246 – Past V

WFILTU Chapter 245 – Past IV

But Xue Jiao suddenly turned her head—— “Chicken wings stuffed with rice, want one?” Even if his body was resisting, when she smiled,  he couldn’t help it. He involuntarily nodded. Xue Jiao walked directly over, “Two please!” Xue Jiao said this as she turned out her cute purse, taking out money. Lin Zhihua looked at … Read More WFILTU Chapter 245 – Past IV

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