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Transmigration / CEO president
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Quick Transmigration
Interstellar war/ Comedy

WFILTU Chapter 417 – Kiss VI

Unfortunately, she waited until it was almost one, but there was still no phone call. There was not even a single message! “Jiao Jiao, go to bed.” Cheng Shuo greeted. Xue Jiao nodded, frowned and staggered back to the room. Obviously she should be very sleepy after drinking wine, but Xue Jiao laid in bed … Read More WFILTU Chapter 417 – Kiss VI

SOOEW Chapter 318 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XL

She dragged the person all the way into an empty classroom. This was a venue for training physical strength. Wen Ying often exercised here to improve her physique, but the training hall in the Omega’s exclusive college has the highest idle rate of all the schools. The venue was so large, yet the inside was … Read More SOOEW Chapter 318 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XL

SAPPS Chapter 60

“Human perception can be interconnected with advanced mecha. People with S-grade perception can accept huge data streams, find what they want and control.……” A young teacher with glasses stood on the podium and occasionally answered the questions raised by the students below. Wei San stealthily touched the wall, twisted her body, and hid under the … Read More SAPPS Chapter 60

WFILTU Chapter 416 – Kiss V

But they all knew that Ding Qi always spoke frankly. In fact, she has no bad heart. Xue Jiao sighed, patted Ding Qi placidly, then stretched out her hand and helped Shu Lan stand up. “Lan Lan, you know what his family looks like. Why would you come back with him when he can’t protect … Read More WFILTU Chapter 416 – Kiss V

SOOEW Chapter 317 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXIX

It seemed that she felt the cold liquid flowing through her blood vessels dissolving in her body. She didn’t know what would happen to her. She suddenly felt cold and shivered. “Now you know fear?” Chris questioned. “I’m afraid that if I’m dead, you’ll always be trapped as a soul piece.” Wen Ying said, “By … Read More SOOEW Chapter 317 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXIX

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