Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want to be an Sensation (SFMCS)

Title: Shuangwen female main character doesn’t want to be an sensation

Author: Big Brother drink iced coke

Translator: Boba Tea Translations

Release Schedule: TBD


After finishing the 999th quick transmigration task diligently, Shizhi can finally choose a world to pass the days of her retirement.

Shizhi broke her fingers in raising conditions——

Then, with a wish to welcome a better new life, she transmigrated into the heroine of a shuangwen 1 *shuangwen – specific genre of novels, usually has a lot of face-slapping so reading it makes the reader feel “shuang” (refreshing) in the entertainment circle. She was beautiful and in good shape, but she didn’t have money. She was also notorious and heavily in debt.

Shi Zhi: ? ? ?

System: Host, rush forward boldly, tear, force, pull and step on it quickly. After becoming the top celebrity, you can be discovered by the housekeeper of the richest man and inherit hundreds of millions of properties!

Shi Zhi: Why would I go to such trouble? She was here to retire.

She turned to the rich housekeeper directly, “Dear, do you think I look like your dead master’s daughter?” Hundreds of millions of property get√.


The audience discovered the 18th line female artist with the black materials, Shizhi had changed.

She had become lazy and Buddhist.

When other families’ female stars wore a skirt with the least amount of clothing and shivered in the cold wind, she would walk along the red carpet in her down jacket.

The rest of the artists’ hobbies were either singing or dancing. The most common was reading, and asking was 《A brief time of history》. Shi Zhi said, “fishing, playing chess and planting flowers.” She liked flowers very much, spending money 2 Spending in Chinese also uses the same character as flower.

Shi Zhi’s agent thinks that this artist doesn’t need to be saved, and she was pretty much useless. Shi Zhi planned to withdraw from the entertainment industry with her billions of family property, and sleep in a 300 square bed, and live peacefully.

Then she became famous.

Tens of millions of fans call 3 *originally in English for her. What kind of treasured girl was this? Little sister Shi Zhi, become famous for me! Going back and forth, did she still end up becoming the model female lead of a shuangwen?

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