The Stepmother is Unkind (SU)

Title: The Stepmother is Unkind

Author: Zhang Jiayin

Release Schedule: 1x on Monday at 12AM EST


Yin Mingyu 007 worked until she was bald, and still could not afford to buy a one hundred square foot apartment in the first tier cities.

After her sudden death, she transmigrated through to the Chengye Dynasty and was a shu daughter of the Yin family in Jiangnan. Once liberated, she just wanted to do nothing but eat and wait to die as a salted fish.

House fight? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

Compete for favor? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

Looking for a good future? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

However, her older di sister who married the Xie family in Jiangnan passed away. Her di mother, because of her young grandson, chose Yin Mingyu after circling around in the courtyard.

Being a new wife was difficult, being a stepmother was even harder.

Yin Mingyu was never afraid of the di mother and spoke directly, “I don’t want to.”

The di mother also directly expressed her opinion: Not willing doesn’t work.

Yin Mingyu: “……then whatever.”

Anyway, she always lies flat. She will marry over in the future. Don’t blame her for just looking after her own happiness and interests.

After marriage——

The old madam Xie was worried that the stepfamily would mistreat her great-grandson and raised him herself.

Yin Mingyu was too lazy to pretend to be a kind mother. She just ate delicious food and drank spicy food. When she returned home on the full moon, she gained two pounds.

The maid of her original di sister had become a concubine. As a concubine, she seemed kind-hearted, but was treacherous, secretly provoking others to think that the step-wife was mean.

Yin Mingyu: “You’re pretty accurate in judging others.” She acted unkindly in public.

Her husband, Xie Jingming, devoted himself to his official career, and released himself to the south of the Five Ridges in order to make contributions.

Yin Mingyu suddenly became virtuous and filial, and insisted on staying in the capital to be a surrogate for her husband to fulfill filial piety to her parents-in-law and raise her stepson.

Everyone: “? ? ?” What misunderstanding do you have about yourself?

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