SOOEW Chapter 212- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LII

His heart raised slightly, in the face of the request from the person he once liked, would she gladly accept it? Apart from other emotional factors, this was a well-known star. From endorsement to advertisement, Yang Sen, who has been proved by trophies, has brought her more benefits than himself. And he also didn’t know if she still had any feelings for Yang Sen?

“Watch out that you don’t crush your feet.” Wen Ying saw Jiang Ke unconsciously lean over, so she reminded him, while pressing him back. Then, she went to answer Yang Sen’s question, “As an agent, I think you are developing well at Xing Chen, there you would receive the most central resources. If you come to Huandi, the senior management may not attach so much importance to you.” She put forward suggestions to him in a business-like attitude, but she also politely refused.

“Can’t you give me a chance to continue to stay with you?”

He looked at her steadily and stared at her without any evasion.

Such a firm attitude had never appeared in him before, except for the pursuit of career development. But emotionally, he has always been teased by others for being too self-centered, too low in EQ, and has no persistence towards things or people.

After being rejected, the phenomenon of repeatedly mentioning this request was even more unprecedented.

“Forget it.” She changed her position and said with a smile, “It’s not appropriate to dig the corner of my old boss.”

The phrase “inappropriate” sounded like a pun, which made some people feel elated and some people feel depressed.

After Wen Ying went up to go to her other schedules, Jiang Ke looked at Yang Sen with an expression of “you are very annoying.”, “Why are you still here?”

It wasn’t until her back disappeared, that Yang Sen said to him, “I will not give up.”


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“Now that I know who I like, it’s meaningless to give up easily.” He looked at Jiang Ke, and his thick eyebrows exposed his strong side.

Jiang Ke rolled his eyes, “It’s none of my business.” But in his heart, he was not unguarded.

“Of course it’s none of your business.” Yang Sen gently pulled on the corners of his mouth, “It’s all thanks to your last words, that made me understand. Thank you.”

Jiang Ke:“……”

“You won’t deny me as a friend because of this, would you?”

Jiang Ke: “……leave leave leave.”

Yang Sen waved to him and left.

After speaking out, he felt as if he had put down his heavy heart, and even his pace became relaxed.

Jiang Ke was more free and easy than him. He never disdained to cover up when he hated Wen Ying. When he likes her, he was very straightforward too. If Wen Ying likes Jiang Ke, he would not be surprised and is willing to bless them.

But if she still likes himself a little bit, he wants to have a try.

After the filming of “Unconventional Path”, Jiang Ke had a second operation and missed the road show before the film. Immediately after the film was released, he accompanied the director to five important ticket cities. Wen Ying was worried about his foot injury and accompanied him throughout the whole journey.

The box office results were very impressive. The box office broke through 500 million yuan in the week, and it also ushered in a small climax at the weekend, which continued to rise all the way.

The performance of word-of-mouth is not bad. A typical commercial film doesn’t have a too far-reaching intention to grind the audience’s patience, but only focuses on the pleasure. Most of the people’s comments on the film were “excellent performance”, “good pictures”, “strong relationship between the male and female lead” and so on.

At the beginning of the film, Jiang Ke was having an affair with a married woman in the bedroom. When he heard her husband’s steps upstairs, he put on his trousers in a hurry and stepped up through the second floor window with long legs. Just then, the young woman called out his name, and he turned around with a charming smile. The shirt draped over him, and because the buttons were scattered, they revealed a wheat colored chest and abdominal muscles, which fully explained the man’s sultry appearance.

The next second, he jumped out of the window under her exclamation.

In just a few seconds, the image of the character stood in front of the audience.

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