SOOEW Chapter 230- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading VII

“Stop talking nonsense, sisters. I never thought so. If sisters don’t blame me, let me go back. If it’s a little later, Gugu would be unhappy. ” She whispered.

At the same time, a same but different voice came from her heart.

【A bunch of fools, I won’t lose a piece of meat if you say so now. I’ve heard that the prince likes to linger in Taiyin Lake recently. What if I can wait until the prince passes by and be bullied by you? The more you bully, the more pitiful I am.】

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Different from her pitiful appearance, her heart was full of suppressed disdain from the bottom of her heart. This very different contrast made Yu Wenhong stunned.

It’s said that it’s still women who knew women. The three pushed her again and said impatiently, “Shut up, you’re acting so pathetic now. When you promised us to trip Wen Ying, you weren’t so timid as now. What a wallflower. Whoever gives you the benefits, you would fall to which side, and still want to be a helpless poor person in the middle? “

“What are sisters saying? I don’t understand. “

“Shall we remind you? Have you forgotten what happened to Jiang Xuexuan? Although we want to make her lose face in public, it was thanks to you that we could fulfill this wish. She was arrogant by virtue of the momentum of her family. People really don’t like to see it. “

Ruan Linger dared not deny it in front of them, but whispered: “……I didn’t expect the prince to hate people approaching him so much, otherwise I wouldn’t do it like this.”

【I didn’t expect the prince to be so inaccessible. Fortunately, she tried first. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be the same as her?】

Ruan Linger’s words were just spoken, when he heard Wen Ying’s whisper, which spread to Yu Wenhong’s ears, “I knew she was such a person.” Needless to see, he also knew that she must speak with her chin raised, but in this case, she was destined to only appear stiff and stubborn.

Because at the same time, she was surprised and lost in her heart, with some confused meaning.

【So Bi Yue was right. She really tripped my foot. Why did she do that? If you don’t like me, just tell me clearly early……I hate these women so I let her embarrass them. Does she also……not like me?】

She was tangled in her heart, forgot his habit, and even pulled on his cuffs, pulling a little in the palm of her hand, just like her mood.

Yet this time, for some reason, Yu Wenhong didn’t immediately move away from her hand.

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