SOOEW Chapter 232- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading IX

It’s true, if they meet at this time, why didn’t Yu Wenluo marry her as the imperial concubine? Yu Wenluo was different from himself. At present, he hasn’t used his skills for his own sake. He has nothing to rely on. If he could marry Wen Ying, the Wen family would undoubtedly be his backer. Wasn’t that much better than a side imperial concubine in the east palace.

In fact.…..he didn’t want to accept Wen Ying again. At the beginning of his rebirth, he couldn’t take action against her due to many factors. He thought it would be easy to take her to the East Palace and wanted to compete with her. But at the thought of such a situation, his heart was cold, and there seemed to be something stuck in his throat.

Why did he place her around to disgust himself?

Even if this layer of disgust has been reduced by two points, he was not ready to change his original intention.

“Since the second brother likes it, let him go.” Yu Wenhong said carelessly, “If there is a chance, you can push it.”

Maybe this time she would see Yu Wenluo again and climb the wall again. He thought maliciously.

But it’s none of his business anymore.

This time, he was only going to marry Wu Yuzhen as his imperial concubine. She followed him in her previous life. She was a person who was really dedicated to him. He couldn’t not live up to her.

Wen Ying returned to Chu Xiu palace. Bi Yue was already walking around the door. When she saw her coming, she was relieved. As soon as she held her hand, she was slightly surprised and said, “Why is Miss’s hand so cold? Where did the hand warmer go? “

“Yi? I’m probably greedy for the scenery. ” Wen Ying recalled, “It’s all right. There’s no name left on it. They won’t know whose it is even if someone picks it up.”

“Words can’t be spoken like this. It’s bad for a girl’s hands and feet to be cold. I’ll go and give you some soup to warm up.…..”

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Bi Yue chatters while opening the door. Suddenly, with a “squeak”, the door was pushed open. Hearing the sound, Wen Ying looked over and met with Ruan Linger’s gaze.

But seeing Ruan Linger suddenly shrink back, she remembered that this action was inappropriate and reluctantly smiled at Wen Ying. Wen Ying greeted her. She only casually nodded back and went back to her room.

Normally, she should have come back earlier than Wen Ying. Wen Ying dared to leave only when she saw that they were separated. At this moment, she came back later and looked wrong. She couldn’t help thinking other thoughts.

In the side compartment, Ruan Linger closed the door with both hands, and her expression was still in a trance. She accidentally kicked her foot on the group stool and made a noise. She was scolded impatiently by her roommate. She repeatedly apologized, but her face became more and more gloomy.

She remembered what had just happened by the Taiyin lake.

At first, she regretted that she had agreed to the requirements of the ladies and caused so much trouble. She just didn’t like Wen Ying taking herself as a servant girl and wanted to give her some good looks. Unexpectedly, she underestimated Wen Ying. Instead of being able to swim between two groups of people, she offended them all over. At that time, she found that no matter how much she flattered them, there would be no benefit, but if she thought she could put aside the relationship, they might not agree.

Just when she was in a dilemma, she suddenly found something strange in the bush.

She has had excellent eyesight since childhood. She could see things at night and observe in detail, so she naturally saw a corner of the skirt exposed outside the numerous branches and luxuriant leaves. The pattern was faintly visible. It was the skirt Wen Ying was wearing today. Even at the edge of their skirts, the patterns of their aristocratic family ladies were extremely fine.

At that time, she had said everything. She clearly understood that Bai Dao had revealed that the person who framed her was her own truth. How could she not be surprised to see that Wen Ying was hiding nearby? She expected to talk to Wen Ying about herself before she heard it. She just suspected that she had something to do with these people, but she didn’t necessarily know that she did it. Now she heard it all, so she couldn’t help feeling cold.

She knew Wen Ying’s temper. If she doesn’t make trouble behind her back, she would take care of herself. It’s just that she was difficult to serve, but now she was creating a stumbling block behind her back. According to the other party’s temper, she was afraid she’ll even want to have her heart.

Just as she was walking on her way back in a trance, before she went far, she suddenly heard the voice of another prince from afar.

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