SOOEW Chapter 250 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XXVII

In the silent hall, whether it was the Empress, or the Emperor sitting high above the hall, the princes still clinging to the Jade Ruyi in their hands, or the beautiful women arranged neatly below, they all opened their eyes and placed them on Wen Ying.

At the same time, Yu Wenhong received a lot of information. It can be said that in his ears, the hall was very noisy.

【Are they kidding? Didn’t the Crown Prince want to choose Wu Yuzhen. How can it be Wen Ying!】

【Wu Yuzhen’s expression is really ugly. Too funny. She really thinks she is the Crown princess. She acts holier than thou to everyone. The Crown Prince chose Wen Ying himself. This slap is really heavy.】

【The third lady of the Wen Family, is she so good? The eldest, the second and the sixth all chose her. It’s quite interesting. Let’s have a closer look later!】

【Beauty is a disaster. It’s unknown what Emperor Father would think. Now this is a good play to see.】

There were those who watched the opera and those who worried. Even Wu Yuzhen herself can’t control her mind and sends out shocking and frightening nonsense from the bottom of her heart. This was the first time that Yu Wenhong heard her voice being so impolite and unbelievable.

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He remembered the talk that happened in the corridor. He asked her “what would she do if he were not the Prince” and “what would she do if he died”. When she answered his questions, she was different from apparent eagerness, and her heart was quite cold and rational.

【If you died, how could my family allow me to live? Of course I will have to die with you.】

It was human nature that relatives were above all else. He was just a little disappointed.

But until he entered the hall, he never thought about changing his choice. She also did well on needlework. As he thought, she would become a comprehensive Consort like her previous life. However, at this time, Wen Ying, who was sitting across from her, suddenly pricked her finger——

Her white fingertips were suddenly a little scarlet, and he had strayed beyond his sight uncontrollably.

She seemed to be angry with her own clumsiness, angrily staring at the blood beads, and then had to hold her fingertips and suck the blood into her mouth. In this process, she suddenly raised her eyes slightly to look in this direction.

His heart beat fast and he was about to look away, but then, he saw her laughing at the seat next to him.

This smile was very real. With the blink of her eyes and her slightly raised lips, she exposed a bit of innocence. Coupled with the blush on her cheeks because of her anger, she was very much like a girl who did something bad and was acting coquettish with people close to her.

Yu Wenluo.

He didn’t have to look. He knew who she was laughing to.

This cognition made him laugh at himself and stabilized his mind after a long time.

When he held the Jade Ruyi in his hand and walked step by step in the direction of Wu Yuzhen, he found that Yu Wenyu had passed him, took a few steps quickly and placed the Jade Ruyi in front of……Wen Ying.

At this time, he suddenly remembered the news that his secret agents had reported a long time ago that the imperial concubine wanted Yu Wenyu to marry the third daughter of the Wen family. Who was the imperial concubine of Yu Wenyu in his last life? He couldn’t remember for a moment. He only remembered that she was very beautiful. Wen Ying’s appearance was really excellent.

If he wanted to marry her. How could Yu Wenluo argue?

When he saw that Yu Wenluo had also placed the Jade Ruyi down, he was overwhelmed by the crazy thoughts in his mind. He and Yu Wenluo had been involved with Wen Ying. What about Yu Wenyu? Did he know her, talked to her, and why did he easily want her? However, with him first, Yu Wenluo decided not to compete for Yu Wenzhen only by virtue of his position in the palace.

——Yu Wenluo can’t, but he could.

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