SOOEW Chapter 263 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XL

“Who am I?”

She gave a sneer. She sat by the bed, but because she was ill, her face was as white as snow, and her long black hair fell like a waterfall. It was clearly pitiful, but it was like a thorny rose, displaying aggression. “Has Your Majesty forgotten so much that he doesn’t even remember the people he hurt?”

The words “Your Majesty” in her mouth startled Yu Wenhong. He asked tentatively, “You are my Crown Princess. How could I harm you and when did I harm you?”

“Crown Princess?” She read softly, as if she had heard a great joke, then shook her head and said, “Your Majesty has already ascended the throne as Emperor. How could I be the Crown Princess?”

When he heard her say such words, he even forgot that she denied her identity and immediately stopped her. “How can you talk nonsense about becoming Emperor? If these words reach father’s ears, it will be a great disaster.”

“How am I speaking nonsense? On the contrary, it’s Your Majesty. Why do you* have to mystify yourself with me……” she stroked the brocade quilt and asked in a quiet voice, “Why has the appearance of the cold palace changed? Why did the Bi Yue who married come back so young? What did Your Majesty do and what else do you want to do to me? Aren’t you* going to make it clear?”

*formal form of you

Cold palace, married maid, Your Majesty……

All kinds of information were listed, was just like a person from another world.

Yu Wenhong looked at her like a familiar stranger. He asked again, “You’re not Zhizhi. Who are you?”

This time it was her turn to be stunned, “How do you know……my nickname is Zhizhi.”

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【How could Yu Wenhong know my nickname? He has never looked at me since he took me back to the East Palace. It seems that he married an enemy. I should be dreaming right now.】

He looked at her, said nothing, but a guess had come into his mind.

She also discovered his strange eyes, as if something unexpected had happened.

She couldn’t help struggling out of bed. She put on her clothes haphazardly and walked to the dressing mirror. The bronze mirror exposed her young appearance. It doesn’t look like the her from her previous life. She had experienced the vicissitudes of life. This face was still very energetic. The corners of her lips are naturally upturned, smiling at everyone she sees.

“It’s impossible……” she retreated in amazement and stumbled when her calf hit the stool. “I can’t be like this. Where the hell is this, who am I?”

She looked at Yu Wenhong with frightened eyes. When she looked again this time, she found many details that had not been discovered just now. For example, he was not wearing his Dragon Robes, his expression was less fierce, and his face was also young……

She was greatly stimulated. Before Yu Wenhong reacted, she opened the door and ran out!

The second prince, Yu Wenzhen, came to the East Palace to hold a discussion with the Crown Prince. As he walked in, someone accidentally bumped into him.

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t know……” when he was about to get angry, he suddenly saw that the person with dishevelled hair and untidy clothes was Wen Ying, and her eyes were worried. It seemed that she accidentally bumped into him when looking around.

“Elder Sister-in-law?” he unconsciously closed the fan. “What’s the matter with you?”

She grabbed his arm. “Tell me, where is this?”

“Of course this is the East Palace,” he said with a laugh. “If elder sister-in-law wants to test me, why don’t you change to another problem?”

“The East Palace, why am I in the East Palace?”

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