SOOEW Chapter 265 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XLII

In her life, he seemed to be reborn. Because in her opinion, he always does some actions that people don’t understand, could set traps to deal with the enemy in advance, could predict the major events in the court, so as to avoid and so on.

In that life he probably couldn’t read minds, because he still married Wu Yuzhen as his imperial concubine.

“Why did I take you as a concubine again?”

“I’ve asked you this. After all, I really don’t understand why you went for me if you don’t like me or even hate me.“ The dense fog of hot tea curled up between her eyebrows and eyes. She recalled, “You said it was because I betrayed you and you wanted to take revenge on me.”

He heard her sneer: “This is ridiculous. Before that, I didn’t know you at all!”

After understanding her information, Yu Wenhong informed her of the situation here, told her not to reveal it, and then left temporarily.

Wen Ying pondered over what she had just said and done, and was a little relieved.

The first level was passed.

She believed that only by letting him know something he doesn’t know could he resolve the thorns in his heart, so being reborn with him was obviously a good entry point. The information she said was not made up, but what should happen in the original track——that is, if she had not come to this world, then this would happen after the Crown Prince was reborn.

He would kill his brothers, except for his dissidents, and his hands were covered with blood.

Wu Yuzhen was the fallen envoy of the world. She had already entered reincarnation and lost her memory. On the original track, after the prince was reborn, he would treat her sincerely and let her sit in the position of the Queen.

But he would also accept the original master as his concubine again. In order to retaliate, and it was also because the other party was an excellent chess piece. He knew that she would have something to do with the sixth prince in the future and would disclose her own information to each other, so he used her to give wrong information to attack his political enemies.

Wen Ying stretched after drinking all the hot tea.

The task of this world was really not easy to do. After all, hatred was never easier than forgiveness.

Yu Wenhong found that even if they looked the same, even if they were the same person, there were still many differences between the two Wen Ying.

Zhizhi liked to doze off and tease the little cockatiel. She always smiled before speaking. Even if she had a temper, she wouldn’t be angry for long. There were so many words in her heart that it could pile up into a hill, which often makes him laugh. Wen Ying, who was born again, was different. She liked to sit alone at night. When she smiles, she is like a rose with thorns. She stabs others and herself. She has to make people bleed. She likes to be quiet and doesn’t like to listen to birds. After two days, she couldn’t help asking him to carry the cage of the cockatiel away.

He watched the palace attendant disappear at the end of the corridor with the bird cage. He had an unspeakable feeling.

It was like watching Zhizhi disappear and never returning……

“What are you thinking about?” Wen Ying went to his side and looked in his direction. She had some enlightenment. “I heard that she likes this bird very much. I can’t imagine……it seems that you like her very much.”

Yu Wenhong did not deny it.

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She smiled: “However, it is said that before I came, you had been indifferent to her for some time already? If so, it doesn’t matter whether I go or not. You should think of it as raising an idle person. If you want to abolish me and set up a new imperial consort, I’m different from her. After all, it’s not the first time anyway.”

He glanced at her. “Let’s go and say our greetings.”

She followed with a smile.

Zhong Cui palace was also very lively today. Many princes came to give their greetings, including the Tenth Prince held by Concubine Wan and the Sixth Prince Yu Wenluo. After everyone else left, only Concubine Wan was still talking with the Empress, while Yu Wenluo held his brother. The Tenth Prince has always been close to Wen Ying. When he smelled her, he looked in her direction and wanted her to hold him. This situation was exactly like that day.

Yu Wenhong couldn’t help glancing at Wen Ying.

But she didn’t look at Yu Wenluo. She even looked indifferently at the Tenth Prince, and only saluted the Empress respectfully.

The Empress saw this and thought it was a little strange when she saw her. She said, “Why doesn’t the Crown Princess hold Shi’er?”

“……I’m not feeling well. I’m afraid I’ll infect the Tenth Prince.”

This was originally true, but her tone was a little harsh and suspicious.

Yu Wenhong had to make things right for her. He testified that she was really ill. He asked the Empress and Concubine Wan to forgive her. He soon brought her away from Zhongcui palace for this reason.

As soon as he returned to the East Palace, he frowned and asked her, “What’s the matter with you?”

“What’s the matter with me?” She took off the hairpin, threw it on the dresser and sneered. “Isn’t that what I should ask your Majesty?”

As soon as she was angry, she would forget where she was and unknowingly shouted out his old salutation.

But it was in this way that her credibility was different from that of Zhizhi.

Yu Wenhong simply called the shadow guards to clear the scene earlier. At this moment, no one was standing outside, and he was not afraid of being heard.

He only asked her, “Why?”

“I was pregnant for three months. Yet it was aborted because I took a bowl of medicine given by your Majesty. Since then, I dare not hold a baby anymore. I fear thinking of him…”

He was stunned. “You mean, I killed my own child?”

She glanced at him and threw out a shocking message, “Of course not. You spent all that time disliking me, how would you touch me. I was pregnant with the child of your younger brother Yu Wenluo.”

Yu Wenhong smiled angrily. Sure enough, even if she was reborn, she would still betray himself.

However, Wen Ying spoke again: “Why did you say I was with Yu Wenluo? Because you came into the room drunk on the day you accepted me, pointed to my nose and scolded me saying I was a bitch, saying that sooner or later I would betray you and betray you with Yu Wenluo! I forgot how I spent the night that was originally full of expectations, but I thought it was just your drunken talk. However, in the future, one day, one month, one year……you didn’t take a serious look at me. Just because of your conjecture about me, you have accepted a woman but won’t touch her! “

She laughed softly, “Ok, didn’t you say I betrayed you, then I’ll betray you for you to see.”

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