SOOEW Chapter 273 – The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XL

Wen Ying heard his call and blinked blankly, “En?”

Then she fell into Yu Wenhong’s warm arms, and his broad shoulders were like the mountains blocking the wind and snow for her. His voice was slightly hoarse. “When did you come back?” After asking this, he felt it was wrong and asked carefully, “Do you.…..know the situation in your body recently?”

“.….. I seem to know a little.” She seemed to understand what he wanted to ask, and whispered, “I know what I was doing, but I couldn’t hear anything. Was I hysterical? Or was there a ghost attached? Do I need to find a Taoist to exorcise evil spirits?”

His doubts were washed away by her three questions in a row. He couldn’t help shaking his chest and laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” She pushed him and was very unhappy. “I recovered after watching the fireworks. What a big mess!”


Yu Wenhong was thoughtful and still remembered that he hoped to bring a surprise to her in the sky. Didn’t he hope to move her like this? Was his wish enough?

The idea left in a flash. It was great enough that Zhizhi came back.

At this time, the things he had conflicts on had dissipated with her return.

【Fortunately, he’s here. Otherwise, I don’t know how to solve it. Well, it’s strange that I feel a little more at ease when he’s around.…..】

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Her confused heart transferred over. Hearing such words, Yu Wenhong’s eyes could not help displaying a softer color.

But on the contrary, she insisted on pushing him away and shouted, “Let me go first. Let’s go back and then speak, don’t you let people see you like this.…..” She stopped speaking and suddenly said nothing.

Wasn’t it?

Even if seen, at most it’s just palace attendants.

Yu Wenhong’s intuition felt something was wrong. He loosened his hand and turned to look at the way he was going——Yu Wenluo stood not far away, looking at them calmly. Seeing them, he just saluted them, saying, “Greetings, your highness the Crown Prince and Princess.”

Yu Wenhong’s heart was like a big clock, which was knocked hard on. It sent out a “buzzing” low voice and trembled, and he woke up. Looking at the person around him, she has lost her lively color. Her curled eyelashes drooped and move slightly, as if she had suppressed some emotion.

“Why did the Sixth Brother come to Zhongcui Palace at this time?” He was a little stubborn, so he picked out a thorny question.

Yu Wenluo looked in the direction of Wen Ying, stopped and said, “I heard that the third imperial consort had a secret report regarding..…..imperial elder sister-in-law. It was fierce and malicious. Younger brother came for a trip because he was afraid that she would endanger elder imperial sister-in-law with bad intentions. Unexpectedly, elder brother had arrived long ago.” He laughed at himself and whispered, “It seems I was meddlesome.”

He was merciless and trampled Wu Yuzhen to death at the point of “bad intentions”. Yu Wenhong took the problem to him. He didn’t hide it, and showed his concern for Wen Ying clearly. He was so frank that it seemed that it was just an ordinary worry about the safety of his sister-in-law. Yu Wenhong had his feelings, but it was hard to place blame on him.

Yu Wenhong was speechless for a moment, and Yu Wenluo had taken two steps forward. When he came, he walked on the right side of the road. Now he was standing closer to Wen Ying, but in front of Yu Wenhong, he asked her, “I don’t know if the imperial sister-in-law is still well?” His dark eyes looked at her without showing any superfluous emotion. The originally flying thick eyebrows pressed down steadily and calmed down for no reason.

“Fortunately, the prince came just in time, I have nothing.…..” Wen Ying’s reply was alienated. Suddenly, her sight was attracted by the wound on the back of his hand. It was like a wound created by a sword. It didn’t bleed, but it was torn. He didn’t wrap it up. It was particularly eye-catching. She immediately asked, “Were you hurt?”

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