SOOEW Chapter 284 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates VI

Accustomed to the basic projects of the training hall, for her, the arrogant Alpha was a fixed wall, and the lava meteorite was just a variable-speed elastic ball. She seized the opportunity to fly up in the smoke, her toes coagulated, and the meteorite hit the Alpha like a meteor.

The Alpha unbelievably lowered his head before disappearing, looked at the place where his chest was punctured, and then was taken away by the rising white light like the people who were eliminated after being maliciously played with by him.

Wen Ying had flashed in front of him, smiled and kicked the scoring meteorite onto his head.

This result caused an uproar and attracted Allen’s attention. Wen Ying has entered a state of great concentration. She began to fight and move, attack the scoring stone, and catch up with the dark horse!

At the end of the game, there were only five people left, including Allen and Wen Ying.

Allen adopted the principle of proximity and eliminated an opponent with lightning speed. The other two were both out when they caught each other and fought. Only Wen Ying and Allen were left. After a moment of stillness, the scene was surging and ready to explode.

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Cyril did not expect to see the “Cinderella with submachine gun” so soon. He had learned that Allen was going to participate in the game, so he specially logged into the Star Network to watch it. When he knew Allen was short of money, he said he could lend him money, but the other party refused.

Allen’s attitude was very clear. As long as there was once, then there would be a second time. Although the underground fighting in the Star Network couldn’t be seen on the table, it’s a long-term way to make money and exercise themselves. But because the military academy prohibited fights involving money, he also asked him to keep it confidential.

Cyril was noncommittal about such an attitude and practice, and of course he was too lazy to report. The reason why he came here was that he wanted to take a look at the other’s new steps recently.

If he did not see incorrectly, it was a flexible footwork used by the military for forward pathfinding, No. J39, which has not been disabled, but it was not easy for ordinary people to learn it. The most strange thing was that the information about J39 was not public. According to his identity, it was impossible to know its existence, let alone learn to use it. This undoubtedly added a layer of mystery to the other party and made him want to know more.

Allen has S-class mental power and his mental power could cover the whole arena. As long as any meteorite with lines was close to him, it would be locked into immediately and divided into different categories. In addition, J39 numbering footwork was like adding wings to the tiger. For him, it was very easy to avoid other people’s interference or increase points.

It can be seen that compared with some time ago, he was very familiar with the usage of J39. He moved naturally and has a smooth body.

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