SOOEW Chapter 285 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates VII

As for the other person——

Cyril turned his eyes to Wen Ying. The other party had a female appearance, but he couldn’t confirm whether they had changed their figure, but they must be slim in the real world. Both of them were agility oriented, but she was one level behind the military pace.

But just when he thought the ending was set, something surprising happened.

The words of “Cinderella” to the uniformed youth were clearly heard on the field.

“Your footwork is so interesting……”

The audience was speechless and thought that if she had time to praise others, she might as well think about how to defeat her opponents!

The audience was ready to move. Some people already thought there was no need to watch any more and wanted to leave.

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Allen didn’t take this sentence seriously. He looked up at the electronic screen. It’s good that he ranked first, but there was still some time before the end of the game. Soon, he noticed a lava meteorite not far away. As long as he smashed it on the other side, he could declare victory in advance.

However, in the next second, everyone was surprised by the sudden change.

“Cinderella”, who has been staring at the military uniform youth’s action, but does not get points, suddenly took a small step. This step was the route she would never take before. Then step two, step three, step four……

On the arena, Cyril’s pupils narrowed suddenly, and his vision stabbed into her straight like a sharp light.

This was……J39!

Even the most flexible soldiers in the Free Federation needed at least a month to learn J39. It was very rare for Allen to use only one week to learn it, but she only took one day! No, it was not even a day. It was a competition less than three hours.

On the field, Allen was obviously stunned for a second. He was hit by a negative meteorite, and a green -10 point floated onto the virtual screen.

Wen Ying saw it and blinked at him.

Before that, she had always been trying to think about how to win against Allen. After all, she had just come here. Even if she had golden fingers like “aura”, she couldn’t find high-level skills as a killer mace for the moment. While thinking about the other all day, she suddenly thought of imitation. In this world, who has better luck than the Fallen Envoy?

But just imitation was not enough, so——

Cyril found that because she was clumsy at the beginning, there was a certain gap in the score on the field, so even if she learned J39 like Allen, she was still very likely to lose.

But strangely, she didn’t seem to think of a particularly good way. She just kept kicking the negative meteorite at Alan. Knowing that it would not affect the other, she still insisted, as if she just wanted to see Allen being at the end of his tether, which seemed……very playful.

Allen, who noticed the point gap, didn’t care about this “trick”, and a small negative score had no impact on him. He calmed his mind and determined that the other party would have known about J39 long ago. He just kept it hidden and used it at the last minute. That’s not unusual.

The lava meteorite just now has collided with other meteorites and died out. His goal was still to find the lava meteorite as soon as possible and kick out “Cinderella”.

His performance made Cyril’s eyes narrow slightly.

Ten meters in front of him, the lava meteorite “Refresh” appeared, and his eyes suddenly lit up!

At this moment, his full vision and mind were focused on the meteorite, and the S-class spiritual power covering the whole audience was relaxed in less than a second.

Just then, another meteorite with a lava pattern came and hit him on the back!

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