SOOEW Chapter 286 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates VIII

He seemed to turn his head, with a slight consternation on his always indifferent expression.

After all the calculations, she won a game. Wen Ying wanted to jump back to bed and sleep in the dark!

In the final analysis, her ability was not strong enough. If she could suppress others in ability and reduce ten at once, she won’t have to waste this brain energy. But to put it another way, if it weren’t for the “aura”, she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to waste her brain energy.

At the end of the competition, she gave the address information to the martial arts school, and all awards were sent to the martial arts school at the beginning, including the soul piece provided by Allen, which could avoid the guests from going back afterwards and divulging the information of the winner.

She registered and found that Allen’s eyes on her were very complex and even somewhat unwilling.

Wen Ying completely understood the other’s mood very much. If she were to change her position to his, she would probably want to be shameless. The soul piece itself was extremely cherished, not to mention this soul piece was unusual. Using any head to think about it, it was estimated that Chris taught Allen that strange footwork. Chris’s existence was like a treasure house and the biggest golden finger on Allen’s way to success.

But she trusted Allen in this quality.

The other party did not say a word and left. It seemed that he was willing to gamble and admit defeat.

But curiously, Cyril looked at her differently.

She touched her face and suspected that she had been recognized by the other party……she suddenly thought that the privileged class could always ignore the rules. If the people of the Swift family wanted to find a “suspicious person” on the Star Network, they could pick up all their details in less than a minute.

But in the end he just came up to say his greetings. It seemed that he just wanted to know her and this let her breathe a sigh of relief.

When she was finally able to catch her breath, the personal terminal uploaded the message of tomorrow’s test.

Wen Ying suddenly remembered that she was studying in the Pharmacist Department of the Omega college. So after being trained through abuse, she even had to review the contents for pharmacists! If the transfer procedure was not complicated, she wanted to transfer to the music department immediately to relax her mind and cultivate her sentiments!

Fortunately, although the original owner has many small thoughts, she has always performed very well in professional aspects——this was also due to the protection of Omega by the society. Even the Omega branch of the free federal college has very low requirements for Omega. After all, the greatest requirement of society for them was to have children, not to become an outstanding representative in various fields.

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Society believed that this was what Alpha needed to do, including Omegas themselves, which made Alphas more and more self-righteous.

Therefore, to some extent, Allen’s emergence was a good turning point for Omegas. He was a symbolic figure of Omega’s resistance to societal shackles, breaking the chains of tradition and striving for a higher social status for Omegas.

When Wen Ying fell into her thoughts, she unknowingly made the hemostatic test required by the exam.

“Beatrice, the hemostatic you made today is very special……” Daisy, a good friend in class, spoke.


Wen Ying placed her eyes on the medicine in her hand. Compared with the hemostatic made by the original owner, this one indeed has changed in color, just like a crystal clear ruby, which was very dazzling.

It earned her an A+ for success.

——This is probably the credit of “aura”.

“By the way, did you turn off your personal terminal?” Daisy questioned, “The one from the Swift family asked me to tell you to go to the school gate after the exam.”


“What’s with your expression! Don’t you want to go?” The other party was shocked. When she found her friend’s silent acquiescence, the sweet Omega immediately scolded, “That’s Swift! The only special star family in the Free Federation! Ever since the eldest son of the Ackerman family defected, the Swift family is the most powerful, not to mention Cyril, who is expected to take over as the next owner……if he chooses you, you don’t have to go to the fraternity.”

Omega would enter estrus after organ maturation, so they needed to combine with an Alpha and be marked by them. If it were not for the high-level class, there would not even be a fraternity. The Free Omega Association will pair people, which is quite cruel.

Wen Ying was not unwilling to meet with Cyril. After all, he was the goal of the task. Just thinking of the unhappy separation at the end of the last time, she always felt that this time the other party was a weasel paying New Year’s greetings to the chicken with ulterior motives.

Sure enough, when she ran to the school gate with the medicine bottle, she was politely “invited” to his magnetically levitated car car, and the first sentence was: “Alan’s secret, did you tell of it?”

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