SOOEW Chapter 293 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XV

How was her “exercise” intensity appropriate? There was no real physical exercise. It was purely mental exercise and consumption. Even if the Starnet could reduce this consumption and even give some supplements, her spirit and concentration was far better than ordinary Omegas.

He asked, “Beatrice, what’s your mental strength?”

“Correction, call me master.” She replied, “The test result is Grade A.”

“Why don’t you test it again when you have time?” He thinks she’s more than grade A.

Wen Ying simply refused him, “No time.”


Chris, who had always been able to choke big men from all walks of life, could only be defeated by his master because of his “status”.

A few days later, Wen Ying suddenly received Allen’s application for battle engagement on the Star Internet.

Allen’s starnet ID “Bloodbath Warrior” had a certain popularity among the young people of starnet. Whether it’s fighting or mecha, it could maintain a good record, win more and lose less, and often fight more and more. There were countless examples of using grade B mecha to defeat grade A mecha. The “Cinderella with a submachine gun” had no record of battles. The only fighting that she participated in was carried out in the black market. There was no historical record and they were not known to outsiders. There was a great difference in strength between the two sides, but it was the invitation made by the “bloodbath soldier”, which soon attracted people’s attention.

“What?” Wen Ying asked briefly.

“Competition. If I win, can you give me back the soul piece?”

Wen Ying reacted. Allen can’t grow up without Chris. The other party must be unwilling to lose him at once, but he can’t do it if he has to use despicable means to rob. That’s why I came to fight openly. Having said that, it was well known across the starnet before she accepted the battle, implying coercion. It seems that he has not been doing well recently, so he was so impatient.

She answered simply, “Alright, what if you lose?”

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“.……I’ll give you the same amount of cash.” He hesitated for a moment before answering, and then said politely, “It’s up to you to decide how to battle.”

“Then mecha.” She did not refuse, “Let’s discuss in advance that I will fight with your soul piece.”


The competition venue was a random venue. The system selected a lawn with a wide field of vision. In addition to some broken walls which created a sense of fighting, the environment was generally very flat, and there were very few sheltered buildings that could accommodate mecha hiding, which meant that they needed to face each other. This was undoubtedly more advantageous for Allen who has received professional training.

At the moment when the S-class mecha appeared out of thin air, the audience was still amazed in a low voice.

Today, when mecha was popular, it was common for everyone, but there were many types of mecha. Just as modern people would still be surprised and sigh when they see a good car model, interstellar people would also love beautiful mecha.

Allen chose an animal shaped mecha, a majestic lion, with a dazzling golden luster under the sun, majestic and powerful.

Animal form was not as good as human form, especially in the application of S-class mecha. Obviously, people were more familiar with their own form and have higher controllability of mental power. Therefore, he chose animal form. This move reflected his demeanor and made people who entered the site to admire it.

“How majestic.” Wen Ying, who was still selecting the mecha, sighed and turned to ask Chris, “What do you think?”

Chris was so clever that he didn’t answer. He lost his memory in the setting ˙ Master loyal ˙ Mecha soul piece, didn’t he?

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