SOOEW Chapter 300 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXII

There was no soul piece installed. Wen Ying could only control the mecha by buttons to let the hand of the mecha fall down and send her into the cockpit. The layout of the inside factored women into consideration and was warm and soft. Compared with fighting, Wen Ying thought it’s a better idea to sleep inside. She groped for a moment and switched to battle mode.

People usually have an addiction to the things they like. After many starnet battles, she also had an addiction to the operation of mecha. Seeing the real physical mecha, she couldn’t wait to try.

Standing aside, Cyril was a little surprised. In battle mode, the shape of the mecha would change, and wings stood slightly tight against the enemy. He could see it naturally.

He originally thought that it was just a little girl who wanted to play with a mecha, and she would be done with just a few jumps of the mecha. He was even ready to interfere when she jumped around to prevent her from fainting into a mess. He never imagined that her courage was so big.

His brow raised again, and he had a headache thinking about how to deal with the aftermath for her.

However, when he put his eyes on the infield again, her performance was far beyond his expectation.

In front of him, the maiden mecha was light and agile. She didn’t have the slightest sense of stagnation in walking, running and jumping. She was as smooth as a noble lady in reality. Her every move was elegant. She even mischievously walked up to him and conducted a lady’s ceremony——bending her knees and legs. The action of crossing her knees was a great test of her balance, but she did it quite easily.

Although these were basic movements, it was beyond his cognition for her to be as lifelike as a real person. Not to mention Omega, even the Betas of the military department doesn’t necessarily have such ability. Even if they could fly a warship with one shot in the virtual war, if they were to really conduct these simple little actions, they would operate like elephants dancing, clumsily.

Just then, he was surprised to find that the pair of wings on the back of the mecha moved gently——

She wanted to fly!

His face changed slightly and he shouted at her, “Beatrice! You haven’t had flight training. Don’t touch the takeoff switch——”

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Before he finished, she had pressed the flight switch and staggered up. In the cockpit, the speed of Wen Ying’s fingers was fast, becoming a virtual shadow. She was also very nervous. The gap between physical and virtual operation was as wide as the Milky Way. Her ordinary basic operation was good, but when it was her turn to fly, her mental strength surged out. The grade C constitution made her fingers almost spasm, before she could complete the operation.

Cyril saw the maiden mecha flying like an elf in the forest, flying towards him and saying hello to him: “Hi, Cyril.”

In the cockpit, there was a distorted sound from the broadcast. The girl’s voice was soft, but it was difficult to hide the excitement which trembled faintly. Because of her distracted speech, the mecha suddenly fell down and scared Cyril’s heart.

“That’s enough, Bi’er! Come down!”1*nickname for Beatrice (碧翠丝), Bi’er (碧儿)

He spoke to her angrily.

This time she was very obedient. She flew down in front of him and stopped. The hatch opened. She stood in the palm of the mecha and was sent down.

The consequence of playing too crazy was that when an Omega with grade C physique came down from the mecha, her legs softened and she almost collapsed on the floor, and Cyril caught her accurately. As her sweating accelerated the secretion of pheromone, the cockpit was almost full of Omega pheromone, and the slightly sweet smell like cream cake rushed into Cyril’s arms.

He could not express his anger that he suppressed, but the mask of gentle alienation had obviously been taken off.

She tilted her head slightly and smiled at him: “I haven’t heard you call me Bi’er for a long time.”

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