SOOEW Chapter 317 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XXXIX

It seemed that she felt the cold liquid flowing through her blood vessels dissolving in her body. She didn’t know what would happen to her. She suddenly felt cold and shivered.

“Now you know fear?” Chris questioned.

“I’m afraid that if I’m dead, you’ll always be trapped as a soul piece.” Wen Ying said, “By the way, when are you leaving? Are you going to stay with me forever?”

“I’ll accompany you, isn’t that ok.……”

Before the word “alright” was finished, she held the soul piece up to the alcohol lamp used during the experiment. The 360 ℃ fire temperature made the metal pieces sizzle, and Chris’s scalp felt numb. “Hi, honey, what’s the matter with you? I need time. When the time is ripe, I can leave.”

Wen Ying asked suspiciously, “You don’t need me to do anything?”

“It’s not required for the time being.” Instead of insisting, he gave a convincing response, “if necessary, I promise you I’ll ask you, okay?”

She rolled her eyes when she heard his sickly sweet tone. “You’d better never bother me.”

When they finished speaking, she had just packed everything and was ready to leave the laboratory, when she suddenly heard Chris shouting to her, “Wait!”

“What’s the matter?”

“Your temperature is wrong. It’s rising.”

The soul piece could detect the physical condition of its owner, and Chris has temporarily played the role in place of a home doctor.

“How many degrees?”

“It’s 41 degrees currently.”

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For people in the age of the universe, 41 degrees was also a normal temperature, but Wen Ying’s temperature normally was 38 degrees, and a sudden rise of 3 degrees was abnormal. She found the experimental record book and recorded the situation truthfully. Then she put the book in the big pocket of her white coat and opened the door of the laboratory.

It was unknown why, but her head was so dizzy for less than a second that she didn’t receive Chris’s reminder again.

“It’s 43 degrees——”

When Wen Ying walked out of the laboratory, she was stabbed in her eyes by the light outside, which aggravated her dizziness. Under the shelter of her raised hand, the aperture of the sun turned away, and she suddenly saw Cyril standing in the sun.

He stood upright, with light blond hair sticking to his scalp. He looked energetic and radiant compared with his embarrassed appearance in the Northern District of Randall Island.

There were many passing Omegas, who exclaimed, whispered and exchanged information, and looked back and forth between him and Wen Ying.

But now, this obviously couldn’t increase Wen Ying’s interest. She just felt that her cheeks were a little hot and she wanted to return to her bedroom to wash her face.

“Bi’er.” Cyril took two steps closer and called her.

Remembering that time she went to the military department to find him, their roles seemed to be reversed.

Because of discomfort, her tone was not very good. “What are you doing here?”

Cyril paused, he had never seen her speak to himself in such a tone. He almost couldn’t react.

“I came to you for.……”

Before he finished speaking, Wen Ying suddenly grabbed him by the wrist.

With a frown between her eyebrows, she took a breath, and pulled the person away without saying anything, causing great exclamation from Omegas along the way.

What a powerful Omega!

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