WFILTU Chapter 422 – Love V

Xue Jiao would not understand the inexplicable malice of some people in the world. She was about to become famous when she was young, and her achievements were only made by her own efforts.

But if you add Lin Zhihua in, Lin Zhihua, the boss of Lin Shi……

With capital involved, there would always be sour words and unprovoked speculation.

He really didn’t care about the signature and didn’t want to bring any unhappiness to her.

Lin Zhihua has always allowed Xue Jiao to fly and pursue her dreams, but when he is accompanying her, he couldn’t help blocking the strong wind from all directions and giving her a blue sky.


Late February was the start of Tsinghua University’s new semester.

It was a fine day. Even though there was snow on the roadside, the skies had cleared up.

Xue Jiao opened the gate of their dormitory at noon. Before she could see clearly inside, she was hugged.

“Great God! ! I miss you!” Mai Jiajia kissed her on the face and hugged her.

Xue Jiao couldn’t help smiling: “I miss you too.”

Among the four of them, only Xue Jiao and Mai Jiajia were southerners. Now Xue Jiao has moved to Beijing. This holiday, Mai Jiajia was the furthest away from them.

“What are you hugging at the door for? You don’t even think about the shame.” Ding Qi’s mouth couldn’t help but owe a shutting up.

Mai Jiajia raised her brows: “Then you can find someone to hug. It’s bad enough you don’t have a man to hug, you can’t even find a woman to hug.”

“You you you——” Ding Qi choked again.

Xue Jiao smiled, shook her head and walked in. However, when her eyes moved to Shu Lan, she stopped.

“Shu Lan? Why are you so thin?”

Xue Jiao was stunned. Shu Lan was much thinner than when they separated before the year ended. Even in a down jacket, she seemed thin and empty.

Meeting Xue Jiao’s eyes, Shu Lan pulled out a smile and said, “I’m fine…”

“This seems to be all right to you?” Xue Jiao couldn’t help raising her voice.

Mai Jiajia sighed and whispered, “It must be for Yu Cheng. We have asked her for a long time and she didn’t say a word.”

“She doesn’t treat us as friends!” Ding Qi couldn’t help being sarcastic.

In fact, Shu Lan was the one who has the best relationship with her, and she cared about Shu Lan most.

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Shu Lan shook her head in a hurry. After a moment, she whispered, “I’m afraid you’ll be angry…….”

Xue Jiao came over and sat down next to her: “Shu Lan, it’s okay. They’re both grumpy and irritable. I’ll suppress them. You can say it. Don’t hold it all alone.”

She really lost a lot of weight. Xue Jiao looked a little distressed.

Shu Lan looked up at the steady Xue Jiao, and also saw two friends who cared about herself in front of her. Her eyes reddened, something rolled out.

“Yu Cheng is going abroad……”

“What?” Ding Qi raised her voice.

Mai Jiajia also frowned: “What’s going on?”

“Before, Yu Cheng’s mother found me and told me that even if Yu Cheng offended the girl they found for him for me, she would not agree to us. They wanted to send Yu Cheng abroad. Let me stop thinking and let me not be cheap……”

“Shit! What kind of things! ! !” Ding Qi couldn’t help swearing.

Mai Jiajia ground her teeth and wanted to hit people in anger.

Xue Jiao frowned, comforted the excited two people, and looked at Shu Lan: “What did Yu Cheng say?”

“I couldn’t reach him. His parents should have taken away his cell phone.” Shu Lan shook her head.

Several people looked at each other and all looked ugly.

“How could Yu Cheng have such parents?”

Shu Lan couldn’t stop her tears. She liked Yu Cheng very much. Yu Cheng also liked her, but they couldn’t even be together

Xue Jiao and them really didn’t know how to provide comfort on such a thing. They couldn’t get involved in other people’s parents sending their son abroad.

At night, Xue Jiao couldn’t help asking Lin Zhihua——

“Are there really such people? That’s really their own blood related son?”

Lin Zhihua looked at her and shook his head: “The same rice raises a hundred kinds of people. Everyone has their own ideas. You think they don’t love their son, but in their opinion, it’s good for their son.”

“How can it be?” Xue Jiao was very angry. “Is Yu Cheng happy? His son is not happy at all. How could it be good for their own son?”

Lin Zhihua scoffed: “but some people think like this. If they impose their own ideas on others, they would feel that this is temporary. After a year or two, or if their son wants to open up and think, it would be all right. But it’s impossible, but they don’t understand.”

Didn’t he also have such a family and relatives to impose their thoughts on him?

Xue Jiao also seemed to think of something, sighed and looked helpless.

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  2. His parents are not necessarily wrong. It’s not like Shu Lan is an amazing person. She only knows how to cry and mope around when she runs into a setback. They could just communicate via the internet and she could work hard so they can meetup during their vacations if this was more than a puppy love.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    • It’s a good thing shu lan and that guy aren’t getting together. They both are naive and meek so they would only get pushed around by others. The boyfriend couldn’t save his girlfriend from getting hurt and the girlfriend knows only to cry

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  4. Isn’t she mathematics major at TU like MC? Does she need to fulfil mary sue standards to be called amazing? More importantly do you need to be outstanding to be loved? I don’t see how her boyfriend is any better than her, but non of that matters. They like each other as they are.

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