WFILTU Chapter 424 – God I

Professor Tan’s proud and unspeakable expression was really irritating. At least Professor Liu subconsciously retorted, “Who else do you want to talk about?”

Professor Liu’s voice was angry. Obviously, he felt that Professor Tan was standing and talking without backache.

Professor Tan showed a smiling expression, with a deep face, but he just didn’t say.

The dean of the department suddenly had an idea and thought of a person: “Gu Xuejiao?”

This person was the one that the school paid special attention to at the beginning of school, and she was also the representative of the freshmen of this term.

But then she was too low-key, and everyone ignored her.

There were even rumors among students that this person has disappeared from the public.

Professor Liu almost pounded the table and stood up. “Tan Zhongying, how could you say this without embarrassment? Gu Xuejiao was very talented when she was able to win the first prize in mathematics, look now, she’s skipping class! ProfessorTan, how on earth do you teach students?”

“Skipping class?” Professor Tan raised his eyebrows and was surprised. Professor Ke and the Dean also looked over.

Professor Liu was still angry. “Isn’t it. At the end of last semester, she escaped two periods of politics class! Fortunately, her grades were maxed, otherwise……”

In fact, he just had a big temper, but he was very good to the students and paid close attention to the good seedlings. Gu Xuejiao’s skipping class was said by another professor while they were chatting, which made him very angry.

Professor Tan immediately relaxed his expression. “Didn’t she receive full marks? Missing two classes may be due to a big event.”

Others don’t know, but he knew!

That period was probably the last critical period for the verification for Xue Jiao……

Two political classes?

Could it compare with Fermat’s theorem?!

“You you you you——” Professor Liu stared at Professor Tan angrily.

The Dean smiled and looked at Professor Tan, “Professor Tan, what did you mean by that just now? What achievements did Gu Xuejiao make?”

Professor Tan continued to show his enigmatic smile. “You’ll know then.”

Dean: ”……”

Professor Liu: “……”

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The paper was published more than a month after the beginning of school. During this period, Xue Jiao was studying hard.

Yes, she was studying her professional courses thoroughly.

Although her grades were fine last semester and she was ranked third in her major, she was still much worse than what she wanted.

Just because she was absent from class, she is missing a lot of credits compared to others.

There were too many excellent people in this school, and there were many people who could take the exam. Xue Jiao would never want to be like this again this semester.

After knowing that the paper was published, Xue Jiao’s first reaction was muddled.

Professor Tan called her almost immediately——

“Congratulations to you, Gu Xuejiao! Hahahaha!”  He looked very excited. He stood up, put his hands on the table and smiled until his lips bent.

Xue Jiao blankly said: “Professor……”

“The school will know the news soon. It’s up to you to decide whether to accept the interview or not.”

“Ah, there are still interviews?”

“Of course, it’s a great honor. If you don’t want to be interviewed, you can go home and have a rest for two days.” Professor Tan gave sincere suggestions.

Xue Jiao hesitated “Then ask for leave……”

“Let me help you ask for it. Just go home and have a rest, but pay attention to safety.”

In Profesor Tan’s eyes, Xue Jiao was now a baby. She should pay attention to safety and not be knocked or touched!

Xue Jiao: “……Alright.”

It was also the weekend. She didn’t stay at school at all and took a taxi home.

On the other side, Professor Tan looked excited. He was old and jumped around the office several times before he gasped and calmed down.

Then he sent a message in the group with a bright smile, and his tone seemed calm——

Warm congratulations to Gu Xuejiao of our university for her paper on the hypothetical demonstration of Fermat’s theorem published in the Annals of Mathematics.

What a simple sentence, a sentence without even a punctuation.


It was dropped like a deep.water.torpedo.

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  1. Lmao what a happy old man.

    Normally don’t like when the author lets their characters solve real world issues (inventions or solving problems like this) or win major awards, because they normally trivialize the difficulty it actually takes to achieve the accomplishment with their character halo. But as long as the focus remains her hard work instead of adding a notch to her belt, it should be okay

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