WFILTU Chapter 426 – God III

“What?!” Shock all around.

Yang Zhan was also shocked, but fortunately, their plan had just begun and they didn’t invest much time.

Those who do research cherish time more and more as they continue……

“Yang Zhan, show me! show me!” A senior brother rushed over and didn’t believe it.

Another asked: “Who is Gu Xuejiao?”

He was a graduate student and has always been devoted to research. He has never heard of Gu Xuejiao at all.

“Last year’s No. 1 on the college entrance examination. In the mathematics competition I participated in, she also received the first prize with me.” Yang Zhan said so.

He could prove Fermat’s theorem because of the mathematics competition of that year, but now Gu Xuejiao was ahead of him.

He never heard from her in the past six months, so he didn’t remember this person when he started his plan.

But in fact, the king, who had been silent for half a year, began to show her strength……

This time, no one could ignore her.


“Shit, shit, shit! Too awesome!.”

“The most awesome is……look at what they look like……”

“Tut Tut, there was no photo released last year. Finally, there is an inch photo this year.”

“It seemed like there was last year too?”

“Inch photos are also beautiful!”

“Brother Yu, why don’t you talk?”

“Hey, Brother Yu always keep a good distance from girls!”

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“Brother Yu, you really waste your face.”

“Brother Yu has someone in his heart!”

“What kind of sister is there that Brother Yu couldn’t bag?”

“That’s right, Brother Yu is strong and good-looking. It’s impossible for even the gods and heavens to not admire him!”

On the side, Yi Tianyu looked at the girl on the screen, stretched out his hand and touched it tremblingly.

His eyes grew red and he turned a deaf ear to the voice in his ears.

She has always been so bright, she worked hard, she was beautiful.

There were people in the world who were more beautiful than her, but no one could be as good as her.

She lived clearly, and she was always moving towards her goal, never stopping.

Yi Tianyu trembled slightly. He went to see her last year. In fact, he went there once later……

But she walked with the man who was so excellent that Yi Tianyu could only look up to in his life. She smiled so…… happily.

That was the same smile as the one who was around her.

Contentment and happiness.

Yi Tianyu didn’t appear that day, and Xue Jiao would never know he had come.

Professor Tan said it would be a sensation. Xue Jiao didn’t care at that time. After all, sending a paper was not as much as the college entrance examination, and there was not so much attention.

But in fact, it really changed her life.

There were many media reporters who wanted to interview her, but Xue Jiao refused as usual.

Then there were people who wanted to interview her through various channels and were ready to write her life as an inspirational story……

Xue Jiao thought, she had not reached twenty yet. How is it a life?

It’s the first fifth of life at best.

She refused, too.

Even more outrageous, she was invited to a variety show!

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  1. A variety show!? How outrageous…uh, really? I thought Chinese variety shows would cover almost anything. Poor Yang Zhan. Next time you have to work harder so Gu Xuejiao doesn’t steal your thunder again.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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