SOOEW Chapter 326 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLVIII

Since it could be solved simply, why not? The potion about mental power always took time and energy, so Wen Ying decided to follow the good advice, but she still made a small trick in it. The big fireworks slowly rose to the top of the test tube and exploded. In the next second, the fireworks it separated instantly exploded into more than a dozen small fireworks, which were dazzling.

The female Alpha’s eyes reflected the stream of fireworks, to the point where her eyes were even brighter than it. She warmly praised her: “Wow, you’re great. I’ve never seen such beautiful test tube fireworks.”

It was clearly something that little pharmacists would only play with when they wandered between classes. The way she said it made it seem particularly tall.

For a moment, Wen Ying seemed to feel that her bracelet couldn’t help moving.

“Won’t the President be angry when he knows we’re playing in this lab?”

“Who cares about him.”

Wen Ying said directly, “But I didn’t come here to play……”

Tang Na paused, “I heard, Omega lifelong inhibitor, or it can be called an eradication agent?” Speaking of this, she changed her attitude and she looked deeply at Wen Ying with glowing eyes. “I think both Alphas and Omegas will thank you.”


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“Yes, of course Alphas will.” She said sincerely.

With the help of the Pharmacist Association, Wen Ying undoubtedly had it much easier. Both theoretical knowledge and practical operation were done much better than what she could do alone, including that she could finally give up the idea of using herself as an experimental body and use the beasts in estrus to experiment. After all, all kinds of strange potions were studied here every day. It’s not surprising to ask the Department in charge of cleaning up wild animals for two or three.

Omegas also had a special single room, which was very considerate.

The “old man” in Tang Na’s mouth, the president of the Pharmacist Association, was a slightly picky old man, but he was very obsessed with pharmaceutical research. After seeing the results of Wen Ying, he couldn’t wait to ask her to repeat all the details. When he found that the part she solved could just solve the key place he has been wandering around all the time, he was excited enough to explode a large mushroom cloud like fireworks in the laboratory, which almost triggered a fire alarm device.

He and Wen Ying, old and young, studied together, and Tang Na helped next to them. The lifelong inhibitor had almost made rapid progress, just like a movie with a progress bar, jumping from the beginning to the end.

In this process, Allen’s Omega identity was finally exposed, and the Free Federal college expelled him, causing a sensation in the whole society.

At the same time, the double mecha operator selection competition opened. The military headquarters appointed Cyril as one of the mecha operators. Based on the fact that two Alphas can’t work together, they would choose a beta as his partner. However, the competition rules only stated that Alpha was not allowed to participate, and did not specify whether Omega could participate.

Hence, Allen signed up for the competition.

Suddenly, almost all the people who could log in to the star network in the Free Federation rushed to the star network and denounced him.

“Funny, Omega doesn’t have children at home and wants to battle with a mecha?”

“That’s him. Pretending to be a Beta to enter the federal college is just the scum of society! If he wasn’t an Omega, I would really like to apply to the court for a sentence of life imprisonment!”

“Hahaha, I think it’s because he wants to find an Alpha so he sneaked into the military department. As soon as he’s in heat, countless Alpha would rush towards him……is there still a shortage of people? I’m also an Alpha.”

There were even Omegas like him who were ashamed of him. “He is a different kind of Omega. As an Omega, he grew up on a barren planet. He must be disabled to be abandoned by his family. Don’t compare us with him.”

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