SOOEW Chapter 327 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLIX

The increasing number of comments on the Internet represented the degree of social attention to the “Allen incident”, and also displayed how much negative energy was sweeping towards him, just like a thick dark cloud falling on his heart and lingering.

Allen’s face was pale and his black eyes were as heavy as water. He kept looking through the comments on the virtual screen line by line. The attack of the Alpha and Beta on him only scratched on his heart. The same kind of Omega that made such an evaluation of him, really broke through his heart and made him tremble, but he couldn’t help looking at it again and again.

“Don’t look at it anymore, your estrus has just passed. Long term injection of inhibitors is not a solution. If you still don’t preserve your body strength, the first battle is hard to say……at that time, you’ll even lose your qualifications.”

Next to him stood a Beta woman, admonishing him.

When he was expelled from the military academy as an Omega, it caused a sensation in the Free Federation, and he attracted the attention of the upper class. The old owner of the Fillmore family of first-class star found out that Allen was his own grandson who they had been looking for many years. However, when the old owner was discouraged in those years, the family was gradually controlled by the new owner candidate——that was, by Allen’s father’s brother. In those years, he was exiled to a poor planet such as meteorite because the other party obstructed him and abandoned him as the first in line successor of the baby when his parents died for his country.

When Allen exposed the other party’s plot and with the escort of the old family owner, only then, the Omega, who had not inherited the family rights, could have a chance to fight. If he can pass the qualification certification of double mecha operator and enter the military headquarters, he will naturally be able to act as the owner of the first-class star family.

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This was Allen’s last retreat after revealing his identity.

However, Omega’s estrus was like an aphrodisiac. The long-term injection of inhibitors made his estrus disordered and irregular. This time, it broke out before the start of the game, making his situation precarious in an instant.

Allen turned a deaf ear to the advice of the female Beta. He immediately pushed the table away and stood up.

“Based on what? !”

Alan stood up with a sneer. “If they told me to go back and have a baby, would I roll according to them? If I acted according to what they said, I would have starved to death on the meteorite.”

It was said the existence of so many Omega who took it for granted and never resisted that gave Alphas such an inexplicable and ridiculous sense of superiority!

However, even with the support of faith and anger, he didn’t fight smoothly in the first battle. It could be said that he met a strong enemy at the beginning. Although the other party was a Beta, he had double A in physical and mental strength, and he was also an excellent student of the liberal Federal Military Department. He once scored below Allen. It could be said that he was extremely jealous when the enemies met.

If Allen was in his prime, he could beat the other, but even if he was injected with inhibitors during estrus, he would have a relatively weak time, many tricks can’t be used, and the overall data will decline sharply.

The other party laughed and said, “What did I say? When you first entered the school, you were a lukewarm Beta, how could you make Cyril look at you differently? Why, now without Cyril, you only have this level?” He smiled maliciously, “or——which Alpha’s bed did you just get out of and don’t have enough strength?”

As soon as the voice fell, the other party shot and killed Allen, who couldn’t escape.

Allen’s reaction was obviously not as fast as him. The other party used an agile mecha. Before he got up from the ground, the other party pressed him to the ground in a very insulting posture!

Before Allen’s furious counterattack, he had fully occupied the advantage and shelled Allen’s mecha core in one fell swoop!

The damage degree of the mecha was up to 90%. The referee announced that the Beta won!

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