WFILTU Chapter 429 – Project I

For a moment, they thought they had heard wrong.

Wh……wh……what? !

Didn’t Yang Zhan invite Gu Xuejiao to work on Riemann’s hypothesis? How did Gu Xuejiao invite Yang Zhan instead? ? ?

A group of professors calmed down and all looked at Gu Xuejiao seriously.

Obviously, Yang Zhan at the other end of the phone was also confused: “What?”

Xue Jiao smiled: “My friend invited me to participate in a project, which is also forming a team. Senior brother Yang Zhan, are you interested in learning about it? You can wait until you read the project book.”

This was the first time Yang Zhan has dealt with Xue Jiao, but obviously, the other party is really surprised.

Therefore, Yang Zhan was very curious. What exactly was the project that attracted her to give up Riemann’s hypothesis?

Xue Jiao quickly reported a string of numbers and said, “Senior brother Yang Zhan, you can add my Wechat first, and I’ll show you the project book.”

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They said a few more words before Xue Jiao hung up.

She returned the phone to Professor Tan, “Thank you, Professor Tan.”

Professor Liu was quite straightforward and couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter? Gu Xuejiao, do you want to form a team to work on a project?”

Xue Jiao nodded and explained with a smile, “It’s the idea of Chu Sheng from the Department of Physics. We’re going to do a project related to magnetic levitation.”

Almost immediately after her words fell to the ground, Professor Ke followed up with questioning, “What physics do you do as a mathematics major student?”

Professor Liu nodded: “That’s right, Gu Xuejiao, you have proved that Fermat, is it not good to continue working on proving Riemann? Why do you have to intervene in physics? And what magnetic levitation, it sounds like it’s not easy to get results!”

Xue Jiao just smiled. She knew that these professors were just complaining and didn’t explain again.

“It doesn’t work ah, Gu Xuejiao, you’re from our mathematics department. Why do you join in the fun with the physics department? We still have so many research needs in mathematics. You young people, you can’t……”

“Keke.” Professor Tan, who had been silent, raised his hand and stopped the other voices. He just looked at Xue Diao, “Did you really decide? And you also want to pull Yang Zhan to work on this physics project?”

Xue Jiao nodded, very firmly.

Professor Tan doesn’t have much contact with Xue Jiao, but he could see that this girl was a very stubborn person after their brief contact.

So Professor Tan sighed and said, “if Yang Zhan doesn’t want to come and help, do you want to do it?”

“I want to.” She held a firm attitude.

Professor Tan shook his head: “All right, you go.”

“Lao Tan!” Professor Liu couldn’t help staring.

Tan Zhongying waved his hand, glanced at Professor Liu, and looked at Xue Jiao: “Teacher still wants you to remember that you study mathematics. When you work on the physics project, don’t forget our mathematics. Moreover, it seems that your project does not take a short time. If you are free in the middle, you are welcome in the teacher’s office and laboratory.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Xue Jiao was moved.

Professor Tan looked up, smiled and nodded at her, showing the love between teachers and students.

“By the way, Professor Tan.” Xue Jiao remembered something.

Professor Tan kept smiling and tried to keep calm: “What else? You say, if the teacher can help you, he will help you.”

Xue Jiao grinned: “It’s like this, this project is just to make theoretical achievements. Calculation and modeling account for a large part. I want to ask senior brother Zheng Jiakun if he is interested in this project……”

Professor Tan’s fingers stiffened and a smile came out on his face: “Gu Xuejiao, you go first today.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

Professor Tan said softly and calmly, “If you don’t go, I want to beat you……”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Tan Zhongying was so angry that he almost vomited blood!

He finally found Gu Xuejiao, the seedling of mathematical hope. As a result, the girl was going to work on a physics project!

Alright, Professor Tan was a supportive teacher, so he bit his teeth and spoke supportive words in tears.

As a result, this girl wanted to dig another seedling from him? ?

Do you have to poke the teacher’s heart like this! !

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