SOOEW Chapter 329 – Possessing Mecha Star Pirates XLXI

The Beta player couldn’t see the comments of the starnet, but he could probably guess the reaction of the outside world to the game. In the mecha cabin, he pressed the contact button and said to the person opposite: “Based on the sake that you’re an Omega……”

“No need.”

Before he finished, he was rejected cleanly by Wen Ying.

The Beta was so angry that he secretly bit his teeth and decided to give the Omega some color to see! It was actually not so easy to defeat Allen as people outside sees, but this woman who was very weak at first sight was by no means his opponent!

It was a slaughtering game, but it was very different from what people thought.

The Beta still chose his agile mecha. From the beginning, it attacked Wen Ying at a very fast speed without mercy! His way of fast attacks was more like Cinderella than Wen Ying. But fortunately, Wen Ying chose the gravity type mecha, the chassis was very stable, and his collision action caused only minor damage to her mecha.

But the disadvantage of this mecha was that the fuselage was bulky and it was difficult to dodge.

Therefore, in the eyes of the outside audience, Wen Ying was like a strong but clumsy big black bear who strayed into the antelope herd. Under the rapid attack that almost only left the shadow of the beta, she would only turn left and right, turning around and around, like being fooled around.

The Beta also found this and mockingly hooked the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t slow down at all. Because Wen Ying angered him, he decided to get rid of her quickly!

“Cinderella? What jokes are you making!”

“What a boring competition, wasting my time. How did she pass the first round? Did she sleep with the referee? !”

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“Hahaha, seconded……Fuck! Wait——”

During the rapid movement of the Beta, the “bulky bear” suddenly moved!

The legs of the mecha stretched forward. When the Beta mecha approached, he kicked at a place that people thought had no flaws!

Then, the audience saw the calm and agile beta suddenly fall to the ground!

What was going on?!

Not only did the audience have such questions, the Beta also felt it was very strange. He just realized that he had suddenly lost his balance, but falling was nothing. He always got up very well. Just as his fingers were flying and he was about to control the mecha to stand up, suddenly, a huge shadow crashed down from the sky!

Almost instantly, on the three-dimensional virtual model of the console, the legs of the mecha were marked with a scarlet damage area!

Warning! Mecha damage 30%!

Warning! Mecha damage 30%!

The Beta was stunned for a moment and saw that it was Wen Ying who borrowed the weight of the gravity type mecha and pressed on his legs! In an instant, the shame of being bruised by an Omega hit his heart. He sacrificed the particle light energy gun regardless!

This may be difficult to aim at at other times, but now she was still weighing on him. It was very easy to aim.

But he obviously misjudged the energy of the mecha in front of him. Before his muzzle was raised, the “big black bear” hit with a hard punch, which almost dented this area!

“The Omega’s gift is fertility?”

With the heavy blow, he heard the other party question coldly with a gentle voice.

“Giving birth is an Omega’s way out?”

It was another heavy blow!

“Who gives birth to whose child?”

A fist like a hard stone smashed the head of the mecha!

The violent collision of the mecha created a sour tooth sound. The Beta’s mecha was like an innocent lamb pressed to the ground. It could only bear the atrocities of the big black bear silently without any resistance. Today, when all kinds of weapons were popular, such fist to fist beating was very rare. Remembering the Omega’s soft and smiling appearance when she appeared on the stage, the outside audience could feel the sweat on her back standing upright across the screen!

There was a moment of silence on the starnet.

After the referee announced the victory, the Beta was paralyzed and couldn’t go out in the aircraft cabin, but Wen Ying came out alone.

She smoothed her hair and smiled at the host.

The host almost immediately wanted to run away. He restrained the trembling of his fingertips and asked, “As an Omega, you have won two consecutive victories. It’s really rare and excellent. You are likely to become the final winner and control the double mecha with Cyril Swift. Do you have anything to say about this?”

She smiled and said calmly, “What I want to say is, does only Alpha have the right to choose us? I want to challenge the Alpha selected by the military headquarters. It’s just, I don’t know——can I?”

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