WFILTU Chapter 440 – Boyfriend I

TRIGGER  WARNING – talk of self-harm, suicide, mental illnesses

In front of the group was a psychiatric hospital!

Xue Jiao was stunned, looked up blankly, looked back at Lin Zhihua for a moment, and her voice was a little shocked.

“Yu Cheng.……is here?”

Lin Zhihua nodded and whispered, “That’s correct, Yu Cheng.……went crazy.”

This was something that surprised him. After Shu Lan’s incident happened, he knew that Xue Jiao would find Yu Cheng, so he paid more attention to this.

But Yu Cheng was crazy. He was really crazy. The possibility of recovery was very low.

“How is it.……possible?” Xue Jiao was stunned and spoke stiffly.

“Shall I bring you guys in?” Lin Zhihua looked at them.

Mai Jiajia and Ding Qi were also frightened and subconsciously looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao looked ahead for a moment and said softly, “Let’s go and have a look at what’s wrong with the person Shu Lan replaced with her life? See if Yu’s parents know their mistakes.”

Towards Yu Cheng, they blame him and they feel hateful, but in fact, he didn’t really wrong Shu Lan.

His problem was that he was cowardly. After being forced by his parents, he could only retaliate against his parents by using suicide, the most wrong decision.

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Lin Zhihua led the way and took the three of them into the hospital.

“Yu Cheng was sent to the hospital on the night Shu Lan fell from the building. In fact, his mental state had some problems. He fainted after being stimulated. He went crazy when he woke up at night.……”

Xue Jiao walked beside Lin Zhihua and was slightly distracted.

Speaking of it, Yu Cheng and Shu Lan were just as old as Xue Jiao. They have just grown up and were still quite easy to excite. Although they could give everything for love, they also did everything for love and would impulsively forget everything else.

Shu Lan loved Yu Cheng very much. Yu Cheng also loved Shu Lan very much. He not only loved Shu Lan, but also had the determination to resist his parents.

But in fact……he didn’t succeed.

Therefore, he impulsively prepared to leave the world. At that time, Yu Cheng’s mental state was wrong. Coupled with the stimulation of his parents, he almost wanted to commit suicide without considering the consequences.

It was probably his last wish to see Shu Lan again before he died. Then he impulsively prepared to use his death to resist the wrong oppression of his parents.

Unfortunately, in the end, he hurt Shu Lan.

At the moment when Shu Lan fell from the building, Yu Cheng’s pain was even more than those of them, plus overwhelming remorse.

He wanted to jump with her, but his parents hugged him back.

Pain, suffering, and the inability to immediately follow Shu Lan down, along with his already unstable mental state, he directly collapsed.

Xue Jiao sighed. She was full of anger and didn’t know who to address it to. She had to follow Lin Zhihua upstairs.

When the elevator opened, Lin Zhihua whispered, “Yu Cheng is here.……”

Before he finished speaking, a boy in hospital clothes was forcibly pulled back by several medical staff.

He resisted violently, then cried and laughed: “Shu Lan! Where’s my Shu Lan? Shu Lan! Lan Lan——”

Next to him, a woman with exquisite and noble makeup was lying on a man with a haggard face, as if he were dozens of years older, crying——

“Son.……Yu Cheng, look at your mother!”

The patient didn’t seem to hear, so he just grabbed the nurse: “Shu Lan! My Shu Lan!”

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  3. Again, it’s a case she should be familiar with. Why blame the person who is depressed? She was not that harsh on her desk mate either who attempted.
    Not sure if they told her it was an accident, seems like she knows that SL was the one who pulled her bf back from committing suicide and fell instead.
    Either way, YC seems to be another case like MC’s former desk mate and LZH. He’s just 18. IDK what she wants him to do…? Have a stronger mentality just because he’s a boy? SL is excused just because she’s a girl?

    • Let’s remember that this is just FL’s thought, she’s young and can be mentally flawed…she’s friend with Shu Lan and it’s human nature to automatically blame someone like Yu Cheng and his family in her mind…esp when their prev actions that resulted to this incident.

      The important thing is if she’ll realize that some of her views are wrong in next chapters.

    • Most of the female-oriented (with FMC) Chinese romance novels I’ve read promote woman empowered. Some of it might even talk about gender equity. But, most of the time, it stressed about the good men are men who’s willing to be doormat for their wife, men who’s willing to work day and night as slave with their wife as their master, men who’s willing to life penniless and give all of his money and assets to his wife. And the reason for that was because they live in patriarchal society and most men are physically stronger than women, it’s “easier” to live as men. So, I’m already too exhausted to talk about it.

      Now, I’ll just try to see it from different angle. First, it’s about which side XJ was more emotionally attached/invested. It’s evident that she’s more emotionally attached/invested with her deskmate and Shu Lan. Secondly, the reason for her deskmate depression was something she understands/can relate to (pressure of college entrance exam/studying/being a good student and too much pressure the parents put regarding it). Meanwhile, Yu Cheng’s depression was come from making choice for taking a lover/spouse, a pressure she doesn’t understand well. So, it’s not really a surprise for XJ to be unsympathetic toward him.

  4. Okay I take it back. Lin Zhihua didn’t have to move a finger for them to get what they deserved. Yu Cheng and Shu Lan are a tragedy hopefully, in some other life they’ll finally be able to be happy together.

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