WFILTU Chapter 450 – Date I

After Ge Donglin said that, Xue Jiao’s expression became a little strange.

She wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to open her mouth.

Nearby, Zeng Bin agreed and nodded: “that’s right, we have not heard of any projects from the powerful giants in the Department of Physics recently, and there is no need to participate in other projects with low gold content!”

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply. Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin were all for her good, yet she doesn’t know why, but this really made her unhappy.

“Senior brother and senior sister, I really don’t need it. I’m very interested in that physics project. Thank you for your love.”

Xue Jiao finished, paused and continued: “If it’s about the application of Fermat’s theorem, it’s not a big problem, and I don’t necessarily need to participate in it. The proof process is described in my paper. Although I don’t know which direction senior brother and senior sister want to study in, I think it’s fine if another student were to participate instead.”

Her words fell to the ground, and Zeng Bin frowned slightly: “Which project are you participating in?”

Xue Jiao nodded: “It has already been approved by the school. I have something else to do. Goodbye senior brother and senior sister.”

That’s all she said. Then she left quickly.

In fact, Xue Jiao doesn’t quite understand why she must be invited to work on Fermat related projects.

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But she just thought about it for a moment and forgot it. She stepped up and walked to the school gate. Lin Zhihua.……have you been waiting for a long time?

Zeng Bin and Ge Donglin were a little unhappy staying where they were. Zeng Bin couldn’t help saying, “Let’s see what project she joined, that she has to send herself to the door of the physics department!”

The two spoke and began to take out their phones to log in and inquire about the project.

“Chu Sheng? Who?”

“It seems he’s a freshman, said to be very powerful.” Ge Donglin thought and explained.

Zeng Bin frowned: “What are the two freshmen doing together? Gu Xuejiao will definitely regret rejecting us!”

He said, casually nodding to continue to look.

“Zheng Jiakun! Zeng Bin frowned.

Zheng Jiakun was only one term younger than them. He was strong and famous in the Department of mathematics.

“Why did Zheng Jiakun also participate?”

Zeng Bin frowned more tightly and didn’t answer Ge Donglin’s question.

After a moment, he raised his voice: “Yang Zhan? ! Zhang Han? !”

“Who?” Ge Donglin was stunned.

“Isn’t Yang Zhan from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences? ! Is Zhang Han the one from Peking University?!” Zeng Bin’s voice was creepy.

But it was only for a moment. He turned his head and immediately said, “No wonder she was unwilling to join us. How can it be possible for this team to not create something!”

Zeng Bin suddenly had an expression of realization on his face.

“Then it seems that she can’t enter our project.……”

Zeng Bin’s eyes lit up and suddenly said, “Since they are in this team, they must achieve great results. Why don’t we try to join their project?”

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