SOOEW Chapter 351 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game IV

The eyes of Fuyi were bent, which made people afraid for no reason. Prince Long was straightforward and has a strong temper, but it does not mean that he has no brain. The woman standing in front of him was obviously not the one he used to believe in.

“Stop!” The expert on the ranking list immediately stood in front of Prince Long. He was suspicious and respectful, “Sister-in-law, please wait.……”

The woman was not angry at all. Under the operation of Wen Ying, her red lips opened gently and spit out two words: “It’s too late.”


At the moment of their words, the siege vehicle in front of the Fentian camp exploded, and the flames burst into the sky, burning the clouds in the sky into red clouds!

Countless burning players turned into light spots and disappeared in an instant.

“——I sent them the weapons and ammunition you asked me to deliver.” She said.

“You? ! !”

Prince Long’s unbelievably angry expression disappeared in front of the battle at the explosion of large siege equipment. The explosive power of siege equipment was enough to blow open the blood thick city wall measured in billions. Players who want to resist it are like a mantis beating a cart. They were overpowered.

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Millions of players lost their words at this moment. They watched her go downstairs and look at her from a distance with the people above, but they stared at her and forgot to attack.

It wasn’t until the ropes were dropped from the towers of Wushuang City, before someone came to his senses and became angry!

Wushuang City!

It was actually Wushuang City!

They slaughtered the guards of Wushuang City in a frenzied rage. When they got red eyed, they rushed all the way to the city. Countless attacks converged and pointed at the women under the city wall.

She didn’t pull the rope. The damage caused by her skill was obviously not enough to give her time to escape to the city. The beautiful Leji looked up and smiled at him, then resolutely turned around and faced the surging attack alone.

Even if he knew it was just a game, the scene in front of him still shook the man looking up and down the tower.

The “final battle” ended with the victory of Wushuang City. As early as the two armies arrived at the city, most of the troops of Wushuang City were sent to Heifeng City and Fentian City to seize the flag. Of course, if there was no Wen Ying’s “rebellion”, it would be difficult to decide who would win or lose.

The battle was edited into several short films by the game company, one of which was made with the gimmick of “Charming Beauty”, and the final battle was therefore called “Fallen City Battle”.

After the keyboard game client was completely shut down, the forum of “chasing deer in the world” became a place of war for strategists. The players in the three major cities made a lot of noise, and the players in other small cities fished in troubled waters, laughing.

“The wife of the Lord of Heifeng City and the wife of the Lord of Fentian City are the same person, hahahaha!”

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