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SAPPS Chapter 271

After Xi Haotian spoke aloud the phrase ‘completely failed’ in his heart, the audience on the live broadcast raised their ears and listened to him explain why. “As a 3S grade individual, she took too long. This is just a double S grade star beast.” Xi Haotian added. Yu Tianhe disagrees with his statement: “This is still an unknown star beast with the special … Read More SAPPS Chapter 271

SAPPS Chapter 270

What the hell is that? Wei San in the control cabin narrowed her eyes as it was her first time seeing this type of star beast. With the cry of this high-level star beast, the star beast group over there became increasingly excited and their attack power continued to increase. Although the school team was not under mental attack, it was difficult to deal … Read More SAPPS Chapter 270

SAPPS Chapter 269

When they were thinking about what to do in the next game, a shout of joy suddenly came from Samuel’s side. Samuel Military Academy’s selection of mecha recycling materials and personal protective equipment is full. All five members of Damocles Military Academy cast hostile eyes on Samuel. It was difficult to compete for the resources for the combat readiness package in this arena. They … Read More SAPPS Chapter 269

SAPPS Chapter 268

Guyu Competition field. It didn’t rain early in the morning, but the surrounding environment was gray and dark. Even with trees and grass, there was no greenery, and they all had a gray hue. The five military academies were ready to draw their combat readiness kits, and the main team of Damocles Military Academy was discussing who would draw them. “Whose hands has good … Read More SAPPS Chapter 268

SAPPS Chapter 267

Zongzheng Yue, holding a long gun, stood on the interview platform, his gaze sharp upon hearing the words, scanning the reporter. Lu Shibai whispered, “Sir, I will answer.” Zongzheng Yue leaned to the right and made way for Lu Shibai, saying, “You should see the consequences of Sequoia media spreading rumors. I believe you will not want to fall to their level Sequoia media … Read More SAPPS Chapter 267

SAPPS Chapter 266

A while ago, she mentioned to Ying Xingjue that their goal is to win third place. ZongzhengYyue was unaware of the differences, so he only regarded Wei San as wild and unrestrained. His gaze was heavy, and he said, “I look forward to Damocles challenging Pingtong Academy.” “We should accept your challenge when you say to challenge?” Wei San’s mood suddenly turned sour and … Read More SAPPS Chapter 266

SAPPS Chapter 265

When Ying Xingjue returned to the next room, Wei San lowered her head and sniffed at herself. Can perceptions be emanated? Why didn’t she see Ying Xingjue knock on the door of Zongzheng Yue then? After her training at night, Wei San returned to her bedroom and casually asked Jin Ke in the living room, “I am training in the simulation cabin. If you … Read More SAPPS Chapter 265

SAPPS Chapter 264

Jin Ke used the word ‘disappear’ instead of ‘delete’. He originally wanted to stir up this pool of water, but after in-depth investigation, it was found that the video of Wei San and their match had not been broadcasted at all. The official response from the Underground Factory was that the recording equipment suddenly broke that night, so the last video of the championship … Read More SAPPS Chapter 264

SAPPS Chapter 263

Ying Chenghe stared at it for a while and noticed a hint: “Double knives?” Wei San raised her eyebrows and said, “That’s right.” She uses both hands equally. So when combined, it’s a big knife, but the big knife can still be split into two and become double knives. Ying Chenghe looked at the blueprint, and what impressed him the most was not the … Read More SAPPS Chapter 263

SAPPS Chapter 262

“It’s over.” Wei San crouched in front of the Xumi gold, reached out and gently touched it, then quickly retracted.”I was just about to enter the simulation module, but I didn’t take two steps. The body of the simulation module burned, so I came to see your weapon.” “How did the simulation module burn?” Ying Chenghe asked in surprise, “didn’t you inspect it that … Read More SAPPS Chapter 262

SAPPS Chapter 261

There was still this kind of star beast? Wei San was stunned and then continued to lean forward, completely ignoring the burning sensation on her body. She basically doesn’t have any rest time in the day, in order to avoid delaying the main team in the competition. From now on, in every game after that, she will face opponents who are both at the … Read More SAPPS Chapter 261

SAPPS Chapter 260

Waiting for him to leave, he was already limping and crouching next to Wei San with his hands on his buttocks and his eyes red: “Teacher Xie, you are treating women as more important than men.” Wei San turned her head to look at him and said, “So……it’s true that Jin Ke said before that you were beaten and cried at Teacher Jie’s hands.” … Read More SAPPS Chapter 260

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