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SAPPS Chapter 114

Chen Ci smiled weakly: “after flattering, just stand aside.” Not saving worries. Wei San followed good advice and retreated. Nine more students came out one after another, and they got the remaining seats. The end of the term is approaching quickly. The teacher has finished his class so she has been taking exams this week. Wei San has already designed Nie Haoqi’s mecha and … Read More SAPPS Chapter 114

SAPPS Chapter 113

On the other hand, like Wei San originally, it was not difficult for other students to start shooting the red fish, as long as they adapted to the water pressure. Yet many students panicked as soon as the big fish came out. Not to mention the shooting contestants, even the students were surprised. They didn’t expect that there would be big fish. The key … Read More SAPPS Chapter 113

SAPPS Chapter 112

The underground factory has four underground floors. In a certain room, the game between Wei San and the Death God was playing. “The game lasted 27 minutes and 6 seconds. To be more exact, it took only 5 minutes and 4 seconds for the player Bowing to Life to turn defeat into victory. During this period, she also tore apart the Death God’s mecha.” … Read More SAPPS Chapter 112

SAPPS Chapter 111

“Bowing to Life has some skills. She could meet against Death God so many times.” “Her mecha is too bad. Otherwise, she can still fight.” Death God kept approaching. Seizing the opportunity of Wei San’s stupidity, the octagonal hammer directly hit her armor chest. Wei San and the mecha fell to the ground. “It’s over, its over. This Bowing to Life, is really going … Read More SAPPS Chapter 111

SAPPS Chapter 110

When the audience saw the action of the Death God through the real-time light curtain, they immediately shouted excitedly. Some even shouted loudly: “Death! Death! Death! ! !” It seemed that they couldn’t wait to see her die in the challenge arena. Wei San was not affected at all. She checked all the performance of her mecha and waited for the referee to say … Read More SAPPS Chapter 110

SAPPS Chapter 109

Massacre day, 8 p.m. The auditorium of the largest challenge arena on the third floor of the underground was full of spectators. There were several people sitting in the VIP box at the top, including men and women. “How are the people Death God is fighting doing today?” “The new ones in L3 are estimated to have little strength.” “When Death God is there, … Read More SAPPS Chapter 109

SAPPS Chapter 107

“The 3S commander Ying Xingjue and the 3S mecha soldier Ji Chuyu are the two most powerful freshmen in the Empire.” Jinke put down his plate and sat down. He looked down and turned over a photo on his light brain. “This is Ji Chuyu.” The photo should be captured secretly. The people inside were handsome, slender, and had blond hair. Standing on the … Read More SAPPS Chapter 107

SAPPS Chapter 106

Ying Chenghe put down the hard paper shell and looked down at the news on his right brain: “The teachers and them are still in the valley.” Jin Ke looked around and said, “Then which S-grade person is still in the school? Just now, there was an S-grade perception overflowing nearby.” The perception of the commanders was sharp and powerful. If both sides were … Read More SAPPS Chapter 106

SAPPS Chapter 105

“Your eyes.…..” Ding Hemei has already finished the competition. There was no doubt that she received high scores. As soon as they come out, they see Wei San lying here to sleep. She thought for a long time, “it’s very chic.” Wei San didn’t know what she meant, so she praised casually: “Senior sister is also unique.” Ding Hemei snorted: “You didn’t secretly stay … Read More SAPPS Chapter 105

SAPPS Chapter 104

“I am willing!” Nie Haoqi made a quick decision. After that, he felt that his voice was too loud for others to pay attention. He immediately lowered his voice, “I don’t know how much this mecha engineer’s customized price is?” “This mecha engineer can make friends with the 3S level mecha engineer Ying Chenghe. As for money……” Wei San showed an enigmatic look. “You … Read More SAPPS Chapter 104

SAPPS Chapter 103

The video released by Sequoia Media spread quickly. Although the students of Damocles Military Academy were angry, they could not delete it. They could only wait for these ridicules to calm down. At the same time, the selection of the next school team officially started one month after Shen Tukun and his colleagues returned. The three departments, the mecha soldier department, the mecha engineering … Read More SAPPS Chapter 103

SAPPS Chapter 102

Shen Tukun finished freshening up in his room. Instead of taking a break, he walked to the hall. He wanted to find someone to ask about the current situation of the school. But he accidentally met Major Li Ze sitting in front of the round table, looking down at some information. Hearing the sound, he looked up: “You’re not resting?” “Can’t sleep.” Shen Tukun … Read More SAPPS Chapter 102

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