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SAPPS Chapter 168

The live drone was facing Wei San, who was behind the main members. She raised her hand and made a finger heart when she saw that a drone was aimed at her. “…… This is the chief of the school team of Damocles Military Academy, Wei San, who is also from an unknown star. It is said that she is a super A-grade individual. … Read More SAPPS Chapter 168

SAPPS Chapter 167

The first venue of the Hephaestus Competition, the Capital Star, was officially opened. All the five military academies have arrived at the entrance, and the teachers were waiting inside in advance, surrounded by dozens of media drones. The main members stood at the front. Before entering the arena, the top three of the previous session should first get their own prizes, followed by the … Read More SAPPS Chapter 167

SAPPS Chapter 166

“Jin Ke? What does this have to do with him?” Ying Xingjue lifted his eyes lightly, and his pupils were dark: “This is the hand of Damocles.” “You mean……” Gong Yijue responded with a meaningless smile. “He is a 3S commander who wastes time on such things.” “Why does it count as waste?” Ying Xingjue said lightly, “Samuel was given a ten minute penalty.” … Read More SAPPS Chapter 166

SAPPS Chapter 165

“The main members, will they doubt us?” Shen Tukun frowned. Jin Ke glanced at Liao Runing, who was very quiet, and then slowly said: “Not necessarily, there was also a school team chief who was attacked, and the injury was more serious. Maybe Shaw Eli was an affected pond fish.” During the normal training of others, the teachers began to investigate the whole matter. … Read More SAPPS Chapter 165

SAPPS Chapter 164

Each of the five military academies had a dorm building. Samuel Military Academy and Damocles Military Academy were separated by a flat courtyard. Although the surrounding monitoring was strict, there were not many guards inside except for the patrol team outside the drill field. Ever since the big competition started, perhaps the organizers have never thought that there would be someone causing havoc in … Read More SAPPS Chapter 164

SAPPS Chapter 163

As a 3S grade commander, sometimes the unspeakable concern is the details he neglects. “Wait until they investigate and we’ll understand all” Ji Chuyu turned his ring, “the medium-sized mecha soldiers in Pingtong Academy this time are from Zong Zhengyue.” “I can’t wait to see those people from Pingtong Academy.” Situ Jia sneered, “The former seniors and sisters were so stupid that they always … Read More SAPPS Chapter 163

SAPPS Chapter 162

“You……just came here?” Jin Ke asked, looking at the direction she was coming. “I got up late.” Wei San was too lazy to explain her nosebleed. “It’s almost time to leave now. It’s no use coming here.” Liao Runing shook his head. “I’ve come to have dinner with my senior sisters.” Wei San was aboveboard and spoke without shame. In the monitoring room, Samuel’s … Read More SAPPS Chapter 162

SAPPS Chapter 161

The drill ground had a training hall and a simulation cabin, which are generally used to train individual physical strength and responsiveness. At this time, the main members will train together. The commander and the engineer will analyze their data and make training adjustments. In the morning, the main members of the five military academies all went to the simulation cabin. They arrived at … Read More SAPPS Chapter 161

SAPPS Chapter 160

“Dear cadets, I am Yu Tianhe.” Standing on the stage was a tall woman with long, curly hair, wearing a bright red dress. She smiled, “One of the commentators of this Hephaestus Competition, on my left hand is the commander Ying Yuerong, and on my right hand is the mecha soldier Xi Haotian.” Ying Yuerong, who wore a blue Tang suit, accepted the microphone: … Read More SAPPS Chapter 160

SAPPS Chapter 159

The Damocles cadets who took the initiative to retreat and shouted slogans for Samuel with “enthusiasm” were all fresh and energetic. “Wei San, I appreciate your kind of weird people.” Liao Runing fell behind and walked side by side with her, giving her a thumbs up. “To deal with shameless people, we need to be even more shameless.” Wei San spoke carelessly, “Samuel’s rank … Read More SAPPS Chapter 159

SAPPS Chapter 158

The four major military academies arrived in advance to become more familiar with the surrounding environment of the drill field. After that, they had 10 days of closed training, and the next five days were still training, but they were free to enter and exit. The media also came to interview them. On the first day of closed training, all the five major military … Read More SAPPS Chapter 158

SAPPS Chapter 157

Wei San to the most luxurious place in the Imperial Capital Star. “Is that an S-grade mecha?” Wei San looked up at a row of mechas in a shop. “The most common S-grade mecha.” Liao Runing was a little sorry that Wei San was not S-grade. It’s fun for them to form a team. Wei San attacked ruthlessly, with no rules and regulations. Senior … Read More SAPPS Chapter 157

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