SOOEW Chapter 21 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XXI

Wen Ying addressed the cameraman, who paused the recording, and then she continued towards Zou Weidong.

Zou Weidong was bending over to pick up three packs of quick-frozen dumplings* from the frozen foods fridge and placed them in the cart. Today he is wearing a button down with no tie, and his sleeves were buttoned up to his elbows. He seems much younger than last time. With the background of a supermarket, he fit in extremely harmoniously.

*very human-like, and is something I do often. Doesn’t seem like something an executive would grab lmao… maybe I have too many stereotypes hmm…

Wen Ying walked besides him: “Why are you eating frozen goods again? Where’s Li Sao*?”

*Sister in law Li

In the memory, the president does not like excessive extravagance or waste. He will not act like those written in novels, calling ahead to a store that is hard to obtain, even by queuing, just to ask for an expensive takeaway. However, when the original owner was still by his side, he hired a housekeeper, and would buy some frozen food only when the housekeeper was on vacation.

“Something happened to her family so she returned to her hometown.” He glanced to his side and once he saw that it was her, he answered very naturally. The atmosphere between the people is very familiar compared to the atmosphere in the hotel, where they bore their claws.  

It may be that her constant texting has played into effect.

She glanced at one of packs of dumplings, and squinted at him, “You don’t observe the expiration date? This package is about to expire. Are you buying it back to eat it as a croton?”


The president glanced at her hand, it was rare for him to be so speechless. He didn’t expect that he would make such a low-level mistake.

Wen Ying put the bag back, then took the other two bags out of the cart and also put them back.

“Are there problems with all of them?” He doubted.

“There is no nutrition in these. If you want to eat dumplings, I’ll hand wrap them for you to store in your fridge. They will definitely taste better than factory produced ones.”

Zou Weidong’s expression changed slightly, and she noticed that the atmosphere had changed.

She raised her head slightly and smiled charmingly: “I heard that a famous director was casting recently. President Zou invested in it. Why, you won’t allow me to please the investor?”

He frowned, and his tone cooled down  “Up to you.”

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Wen Ying bought the flour and dumpling filling anyhow, and brought them to Fang Xing’s house. Fang Xing and Zou Weidong both have a small villa in Jindu Garden, which is why they met in the supermarket nearby.

Fang Xing’s assistant opened the door for her, “Brother Fang Xing is still on set, let me first let you in. He’ll be returning soon.”

Wen Ying raised the ingredients in her hands and shook it towards him: “Perfect, I’ll head to cook first. Xiao Wu right, you are not allowed to make small reports to him, otherwise I will let him deduct your salary!”

The threat from the “Boss Lady” came too suddenly. The assistant nodded again and again, indicating that he would not!

Once Fang Xing headed home, although he knew that his surroundings were filled with installed cameras, he still unrestrainedly collapsed onto the sofa.He was so tired that he didn’t want to move a single finger. He only lazily called out: “Xiao Wu, has Ying Ying still not come?”

As soon as his words fell, a cry of exclamation originated from the location of the dining room.

Fang Xing gave a start and lept up from the sofa to head to the kitchen to see, Wen Ying clutching her left index finger, as if she had been cut.

Her facial features were originally sharp and bright. At this moment, she was frowning with a faint mist in her eyes. Her appearance of looking over, took him aback,  half of his heart suddenly collapsing.


Wen Ying had initially heard his voice when he entered the house. She wanted to scare him, and wait until he was anxious and then laugh at him.

Who would have expected that he strode in with his brow tightly furrowed, his momentum condensed due to his nervousness. His reaction instead stunned her, distracted her, allowing him to grab her finger. 

Wen Ying smiled lightly after her shock, “Wei, are you stupid? At least check if I was really injured?”

He only realized it now, and let go of her finger like he received an electric shock,  smooth as ever.

He pretended to naturally and unrestrainedly spread his hand: “That’s truly a pity.”

Wen Ying rolled her eyes at him, “Go away go! The kitchen is now my land, and you are not allowed to come in again.” She hurried him away with a spatula. Her image has always been bright and beautiful, and it’s rare to see her with a plastered and greasy look while wearing an apron.

“This is a bit unreasonable…….” He was pushed out while rebutting.

As soon as the kitchen door was closed, Fang Xing’s expression immediately changed.

Fang Xing’s performance was successfully recorded by the camera mounted in the dining room: his face seemed to be autonomous, unexpectedly turning red. He slapped himself on his forehead, and the expression on his face was clearly engraved with the words “stupid”. And yet, he still didn’t think it was enough. He took his head and knocked it on the marble dining table. His appearance was regretful from doing something stupid.

A fan’s comment after he saw this scene: “What should I do, I think our stupid Xing, seems to have truly fallen in love with Wen Ying. Ah, ah, ah, I really want to cry. However his expression formed from falling in love is really too cute hahahaha. Please give me a dozen of these stupid Xings! “

When Wen Ying began to lay out the dishes, Fang Xing had already regained his handsome appearance. He posed as a foodie and reviewed the dishes one by one. When he really started to eat, he only took a bite, and his face showed an expression of “it’s difficult to express in a few words.”

Wen Ying smiled brightly with menace: “You can try and spit it out?”

He swallowed it reluctantly, and she personally brought another mouthful to his lips, “Open your mouth, ah—— “

Fang Xing: “…… “

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