WFILTU Chapter 27 – Monthly Exam II

After dinner, Xue Jiao went back to her room and did her homework conscientiously. There was a lot of homework on weekends, but most of them were exercise books and after-class exercises.

Xue Jiao has already finished the after-class exercises as her habit has always been to finish after-class exercises in between classes.

After the teacher finished lecturing, she would immediately use the time after class to complete the exercises. On one hand, that allows her to strike while the iron is hot, allowing her to consolidate the knowledge that she has just learned. On the other hand, it allows her to save her time and complete more exercises. 

It’s not hard to gain knowledge. Xue Jiao had already mastered it before and she studied it again just to consolidate her knowledge. Hence, it only took her around an hour to finish all the exercises in the mathematics book and then she finished more than half of the physics exercises before she headed to bed.


Lying in bed, she made a plan for her holiday vacation and then closed her eyes.

“Ding ——” at this time, her phone chimed.

Xue Jiao’s line of sight casually swept the phone, Lin Zhihua.

Xue Jiao, who originally planned on ignoring it, took her phone and opened it—— it was a picture, a picture of a panda holding bamboo.

As soon as her eyes brightened, she thought of the picture of the serious man standing in front of the crane machine. The corners of her mouth unconsciously lifted, and she replied——

[Wow!! You got it! That’s amazing/praise. ]

Almost seconds later——

[En. ]

Xue Jiao: “…… “

How can we continue the conversation with such an elegant indifference?

*高冷–  Person who appears to be distant/cold and doesn’t care for others or have much emotions.

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She can only then send——


There hasn’t been any movement from his side for a long time. Xuejiao put down her mobile phone, lied down, and closed her eyes.

On the other end of the phone——

“Chen Yan, send me some popular expression packs.”


Chen Yan, with a muddled expression, hung up the phone and looked at his empty cell phone…… 

He normally has only one tone with his boss, he doesn’t even need to bring any punctuation marks. As for the expression packs…… 

After a moment, he called Tan Qi again.

Tan Qi hung up the phone, his expression also muddled. Secretary Chen asked him to send it in three minutes, so Tan Qi could only send the expression bag already on his mobile phone.

So Lin Zhihua received the following expression pack——


[mentallyretarded.jpg, threesecondrelationshipbreaker.jpg, momo.jpg, let you pretend.jpg]

Lin Zhihua: “…… “

When Xuejiao was about to fall asleep, her cell phone chimed again. She felt for it and took a glance.

[good night. JPG]

It was the latest version of the old age expression bag, a huge rectangle, colorful background, and a huge moon, flashing, covered with two huge sparkling words—— good night.

Xue Jiao: “…”

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