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WFILTU Chapter 251 – Sunlight III

And on the other side of the phone, Xue Jiao blinked foolishly, and looked at him sillily. Her eyes were bright, surprised and shocked. He he he……this was threatening Gu Shiyun? Lin Zhihua could not endure his itching hand. He reached out, touching her head, doting: “Silly.” Xue Jiao fell into contemplation. Gu Shiyun’s words were nonsense to her. What Lin Zhihua destroyed the … Read More WFILTU Chapter 251 – Sunlight III

WFILTU Chapter 250 – Sunlight II

“Friends? Haha, Gu Xuejiao, I won’t laugh at you. This year, I would laugh at poor people and but won’t laugh at prostitutes. If they can directly destroy dad’s company, they should be pretty old. I just don’t know how long your lover can be proud, after all, it’s just a fun thing for others! If they are willing to use such a large … Read More WFILTU Chapter 250 – Sunlight II

WFILTU Chapter 249 – Sunlight I

Even through the phone Xue Jiao could feel Gu Shiyun’s anger. The kind of anger where she wanted to pinch her to death. Jiao Jiao originally had already cleared Gu Shiyun’s and their phone numbers, but this was a new number. Obviously, it was her number from abroad. “I can’t understand what you’re on about.” Xue Jiao didn’t care about the other burning with … Read More WFILTU Chapter 249 – Sunlight I

WFILTU Chapter 248 – Past VII

They finished the chicken wing stuffed with rice, and then the potato. Xue Jiao picked up the squid. Maybe it’s the weather and the strange mood. Xue Jiao wants to talk about it. She looked at the squid and said, “I don’t like squid, but the person I’m most grateful to used to be a squid seller. I can’t see him anymore, but I … Read More WFILTU Chapter 248 – Past VII

WFILTU Chapter 247 – Past VI

With Xue Jiao around, his patience would be much better. Xue Jiao apologized awkwardly: “Sorry, I didn’t know. I won’t do it again next time……” “It’s nothing.” Lin Zhihua stretched out his hand, gently rubbed her head, then quickly restrained his hand, “You don’t need to apologize to me.” He didn’t like to hear her polite thanks and apologies. Xue Jiao smiled. She thinks … Read More WFILTU Chapter 247 – Past VI

WFILTU Chapter 246 – Past V

“I’m driving so slowly that nothing would happen even if I hit you! And this is a new bike! Look here. It’s all broken. Can you afford it? “ The man appeared very angry, glaring at Lin Zhihua, eyes wide, furious. Lin Zhihua’s voice became even colder and his eyes were piercing. “I don’t know if it’s up to the rules for you to … Read More WFILTU Chapter 246 – Past V

WFILTU Chapter 245 – Past IV

But Xue Jiao suddenly turned her head—— “Chicken wings stuffed with rice, want one?” Even if his body was resisting, when she smiled,  he couldn’t help it. He involuntarily nodded. Xue Jiao walked directly over, “Two please!” Xue Jiao said this as she turned out her cute purse, taking out money. Lin Zhihua looked at the two girls standing beside her and frowned again. … Read More WFILTU Chapter 245 – Past IV

WFILTU Chapter 244 – Past III

“Let’s go for a snack then?” Xue Jiao turned her head, her voice a little excited. Ever since she became Gu Xuejiao, she hasn’t eaten any snacks! Every day, if she was not eating in the canteen, then she would be eating at home. Even if the family came out to dine together, they had also never eaten snacks together. “Snacks?” Lin Zhihua was … Read More WFILTU Chapter 244 – Past III

WFILTU Chapter 243 – Past II

Xue Jiao nodded heavily, she will be tested into Beijing in the future. She doesn’t say that she eats delicious food every day, but occasionally she can follow Lin Zhihua with a thick face to have a meal…… Lin Zhihua took a look at her and pretended to be careless: “You’re going to enter year three very soon. In the past two years, the … Read More WFILTU Chapter 243 – Past II

WFILTU Chapter 242 – Past I

“Lin Zhihua!” Xue Jiao’s voice sounded surprised. Her eyes lit up slightly, first in surprise, then with a smile, her eyebrows curving. Her plain face carried a glistening smile. Just by looking at her smile, it would make people feel soft, as if something had melted, soft and warm. Lin Zhihua’s smile could not be controlled, and his eyes were also full of smiles. … Read More WFILTU Chapter 242 – Past I

WFILTU Chapter 241 – One Cut V

The other end of the phone was suddenly quiet. After a while, she said, “I still want to finish my studies. I can’t go back to school any more if I return. I can only get a foreign degree.” She paused, then quietly spoke: “As for the tuition……I still have some myself.” “You have?” Gu Jingxu doubted. Although he gave her a lot of … Read More WFILTU Chapter 241 – One Cut V

WFILTU Chapter 240 – One Cut IV

Without those precious things, what would she usually eat? What would she wear for clothing? What accessories would she wear?! How can she go shopping with her little sister? How could she keep her temperament? Gu Jingxu stared at her and suddenly didn’t know what he married such a woman for! Although Li Sitong has a bad temper and would not coax him, Li … Read More WFILTU Chapter 240 – One Cut IV

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