WFILTU Chapter 548 – Extras IV III

“Madam Lin, Academician Gu.” Even the top lawyer was still respectful to her.

Xue Jiao looked at him and said softly, “What did……Zhihua say?”

The lawyer took out a document and softly iterated, “This will is what Sir created as your plan for the next ten years.”

He doesn’t want the desolation of “ten years of life and death, no thought, unforgettable”. Even if he dies, he will spoil Xue Jiao for many years.

“Sir said…… when I was alive, you had to give in to me. You couldn’t do a lot of things. Now that I’m dead, I hope you can try.”

Xue Jiao shed tears, but a smile appeared on her lips.

“Give it to me.” She reached out and took the ten-year arrangement given to her by Lin Zhihua.

This gift was from Lin Zhihua.


The first year of Lin Zhihua’s departure.

Xue Jiao took care of their great-grandchildren at home for a year.

This year, Academician Gu, a great scientist, closed her door towards welcoming guests. Nobody was met.

The second year after Lin Zhihua left.

Academician Gu, 74, went to volunteer education. Fortunately, Lin Zhihua has nurtured her for decades, and her body can even go to the plateau and mountain areas.

But Lin Sinian and the country were not at ease, and they brought several people and doctors to care of her.

In the following six years, Academician Gu traveled to many places. Every time she went to a place, she would bring hope and attention to that place.

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The seventh year of Lin Zhihua’s departure.

At the age of 80, Xue Jiao began to give global lectures. This was something that Xue Jiao had never done before the age of 73, but in her 80th year, Xue Jiao went.

All the universities in Africa, America and other countries, she went and lectured.

She never hides her secrets. She says what she thinks, the achievements of scientific research, and her progress.

Academician Gu is famous in the world of science. Every time people listen to her, they feel that they have gained a lot of knowledge.

So wherever she went, there were countless researchers from all over the world.

The ninth year after Lin Zhihua left.

Academician Gu, 82 years old, closed the door and helped the country’s most core physics research team develop something related to radiation.

This year, they have achieved remarkable results.

This year, Xue Jiao received the highest courtesy of the country.

This year, she rejected the top medical team assigned by the state.

The tenth year after Lin Zhihua left.

Academician Gu, a famous scientist, died in the same hospital with her husband Lin Zhihua at the age of 83.

The whole country mourned, and universities held memorial activities one after another.

Since then, Gu Xuejiao’s life has passed completely.

There are also new children being born, one story after another, which continues to happen on this blue planet.

(End of the book)

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