SAPPS Chapter 167

The first venue of the Hephaestus Competition, the Capital Star, was officially opened.

All the five military academies have arrived at the entrance, and the teachers were waiting inside in advance, surrounded by dozens of media drones.

The main members stood at the front. Before entering the arena, the top three of the previous session should first get their own prizes, followed by the materials randomly assigned by the five major military schools.

Sequoia, the largest media in the Federation, was now broadcasting live with explanations, with 400 million people online.

“At present, we can see that the people standing on both sides are rescuers, including ten of them up to the rank of Major. The main members of the five major military academies in this competition have basically changed their blood. Besides Damocles, there is a fourth rank academy.” The commentator smiled, “It’s also normal. Damocles Military Academy has always been short of S-grade students. But after the graduation of this double S, I’m afraid they can only let the S-grade fighters take the lead.”

3212 star, Li Pi and his wife Jiang Wenying are sitting at home watching the live broadcast of the largest media of StarNet. Hearing this reporter’s talk, Shiniang is not very happy.

“Why does this reporter talk like this?” Jiang Wenying wrung her eyebrows and looked at the light projection.

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When Li Pi transferred to another media, Jiang Wenying was not satisfied: “There’s no media channel regarding Xiao Wei’s school?”

Li Pi asked his wife not to worry. He adjusted through several channels, and finally found a small media channel with less than five million online users.

“These five are the main members of Damocles Military Academy. It is said that Jin Ke, a 3S commander, was born in an unknown star family, and Ying Chenghe, a mechanic, was also a 3S commander, who was born in the Ying family of the Imperial Capital. Yes, audience, you are not mistaken. Ying Chenghe and Ying Xingjue, the commander of the Imperial Military Academy, are cousins. As we all know, the Ying family is the only family in the Federation that has both a commander and a mechanic, and usually, they only enroll in the Imperial Military Academy. Ying Chenghe is the first to enter Damocles Military Academy, “

“Xiao Ying’s family background is so strong.” Jiang Wenying sighed with emotion that the Ying Chenghe who accompanied them to visit Sadu star was from such a strong background, but she didn’t see it at all.

Lanfa media reporters still focused on Damocles Military Academy.

“Huo Xuanshan was born in the Huo family in the Imperial Capital. The Huo family only has mecha soldiers. They enter different military schools every year. This time, three of the main soldiers in the five military schools are Huo family members. It is also seven years later that the Huo family members entered Damocles Military Academy again.” The reporter moved his hand. “Next to him is Liao Runing, who is also 3S. He comes from a local family from Sadu star. As for Shen Tukun, I believe the audience are familiar with him. This is his fourth time participating in the competition, and he is a civilian, but his eldest brother, Shen Tuli, is the same as Major Li Ze. He was also a main member at that time. Now he is working in the Thirteenth Military Region.”

“The championship bet.……” Li Pi looked down at the link sent by his colleague.

It is said that two graduates of 3212 College have entered the Hephaestus Competition. This year, 3212 star have a tendency to watch the live broadcast and bet.

“Let’s bet on Xiao Wei’s school.” Jiang Wenying turned around and commanded.

“We’re definitely betting on Xiao Wei.” Li Pi opened the link and directly invested all the available funds of his family.

After casting his bet, Li Pi found that there was still a pool for 12 games, each with a championship option. However, since all the money had been put into the championship, he no longer paid attention and focused on the live broadcast.

“Xiao Wei is entering!” Jiang Wenying grabs Li Pi’s hand excitedly.

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