SOOEW Chapter 425 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LXVIII

The host took a look at Liu Yan and found that she had no dissatisfaction. She smiled with a good temper and said, “that’s because I’m lucky to be protected by another person.” She said, glancing at the Mobei Eagle and continued, “but I think being chased is not an easy topic. It proves the existence of online violence from another aspect. Many people say that it is a pleasure in the game, but I want to say on behalf of ordinary players, for rich and powerful players, it may be just a game, a casual play, but it will cause irreparable harm to us.”

“When I first entered the game, it was already the end of the keyboard game. I couldn’t learn anything, and it was a blank start for me for holographic online games. At the stage when I didn’t understand anything, a wanted notice suddenly appeared. Everyone pointed at me and said that this woman was an emotional liar. I was in a panic when the chase came rushing toward me like a flood with abuse. The people who pursued me ranged from ordinary players to professional assassins. My friends were forced to upgrade separately from me, or they will be implicated. It was like a nightmare for me. “

Her words are so eloquent that the audience can’t help but fall into the situation she weaved and feel sympathy for her.

The person who asked the question insisted, “Didn’t you just say that you were protected by others? Why did you say that you were so miserable in the blink of an eye?”

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“This will start from the source of my being chased and killed. Everyone knows the reason why I was chased and killed. It was because of Luo Ying.” Liu Yan did not insinuate, but directly mentioned the name, which gave the audience more trust. She went on, “She borrowed my photos and made people think that I was the “’Beauty of the City’, which caused a series of misunderstandings. I also blame her, but I think she didn’t mean it. She had her task and had no choice. Just as I thought I would be discouraged by the game and prepare to leave the world of “Chasing Deer” At that time, A Mo, he found me. He knew that I was innocent, but in order to protect Luo Ying, he couldn’t make the truth public. So although I was protected by him, I would still be chased and killed. In other words, although I was chased and killed, it might be lucky to know him. ” She blinked optimistically at the questioner.

The audience burst into friendly laughter, and at the same time, several condemning eyes looked at the questioner. The questioner was forced to sit back under pressure or felt ashamed.

“However, I have my luck, but others may not have it. If I can, I still hope that everyone can find their original intention and simply play games.”

After she finished, she bowed to the audience.

This speech captured the attention of the audience, and the applause resounded throughout the venue.

The masses were easily influenced people. The champion of the game pushed Wen Ying to the forefront of the wave. In addition to praising her appearance and technology, there were also discordant voices.

After Liu Yan’s words, there were many posts on the game’s forum that day, most of which praised her character. At the same time, some people also put forward opinions: “although Luo Ying is called a goddess, her conduct is not very good. Stealing other people’s photos violates the right of portrait and reputation. Liu Yan can appeal if she wants to.”

“Yes, and Liu Yan could have played the game well, dragging innocent people into the struggle. Shouldn’t she stand up and admit that she is the Beauty of the City? If she still has conscience.”

“Seriously, the questioner was inexplicable. The painting style was still good before. I couldn’t help but suspect that someone had arranged it when such a person came out unexpectedly……”

“Who is this person?”

“Who else can it be [smile. JPG]?”

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