SOOEW Chapter 426 – The Beauty of the Cities in the Holographic Game LXIX

Some people say this, and of course there are also people who argue for Wen Ying, but the truth is that those who like her will only argue more and more, and those who do not know the truth will see it from Liu Yan’s side.

People who like Wen Ying have been abused for several waves and have long become diehard loyalists. Those standing on the wall have not caused riots in forum posts like the last time the truth was revealed.

On the contrary, the “love story” between Liu Yan and Mobei Eagle aroused the interest of more gossipers, and many female players immediately envied Liu Yan.

Some words with excessive brain compensation tended to be written by the same person. Among them, the role played by Wen Ying has been shaped into a third party, becoming the media between men and women and the driving role of the plot.

Mobei Eagle poured a glass of water and sat in front of the computer, and saw these posts.

He seldom logged in to the forum. This time, he wants to view the system announcement because of his cooperation with the server. However, before he clicked into the server announcement, he saw a post on the top with the title of “Liu Yan” and “Mobei Eagle”, in which a love symbol was connected in series, which made him click his mouse on it.

The contents of it refresh his cognition.

What was his encounter with Liu Yan like a plot in the novel, what is the heroine being misunderstood and hurt, and what is the hero saving the beauty? In the process of protecting her, there is a love affair between the two……

The more he looked, the tighter his brows became.

He never spent his time on these things, but this time he not only read thousands of posts, but also refuted them.

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“I will help her because this matter is due to my decision-making mistakes, which implicated innocent people. After the matter was settled, she took the initiative to withdraw from the Wushuang guild. Except for the intersection of the main task once, we had no other contact.”

“Luo Ying didn’t say it not because she didn’t want to, but because I wanted to protect her, so I didn’t let her say it.”

He carefully typed in the chat box word by word, double checked it and sent it out.

The president of Wushuang guild made a post with his real account. Once the posts were issued, the onlookers immediately cried out, and thousands of follow-up posts were wildly brushed in an instant.

At the same time, his phone kept ringing.

The vice president was extremely anxious: “boss, how can you post on the forum? !”

“Just to clarify the facts.” Mobei Eagle asked, “what’s wrong?”

“Clarify a ghost ah!” The vice president collapsed, “public opinion control is not that you send a clarification post, and they can listen to the truth obediently. They only want to listen to what they want to hear, understand? You don’t even go to the world channel on the game at ordinary times, and you actually go to read the forum?!”

The usually respectful deputy changed, and Mobei Eagle was also very surprised. He asked, “is that so?”

The vice president realized his gaffe, gave a slight cough, and said, “don’t go anyway. I’ve always been responsible for social affairs, and I’ll solve the rest. I’ll report any changes and progress to you. What do you think?”

Mobei Eagle agreed “alright”.

It didn’t take long for him to brush out a post on the forum labeled “818, the white lotus pretender Liu Yan on the stage, please pay for it, thank you”. The post soon became hot.

He thought it was done by the vice president, but when he called, he found it wasn’t.

At the other end, Zheng Yun was talking on the phone with Wen Ying and having a video chat. He put his phone on the stand and, like most people tonight, brushed up the game forum. When he saw the hottest reply, he couldn’t help laughing, “have you seen it?”

At the beginning, the screen was aimed at Wen Ying’s waist. She unexpectedly wore a girl’s pink pajama, which fully reflected the contrast. Her soft hair fell down, and she fiddled with the camera of her phone. She couldn’t hear clearly: “what?”

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