SU Chapter 2 – The Second Lady Yin Mingyu II

Yin’er was puzzled: “Lady, Sister Mei sent it to you. You just need to invite the two ladies to come. Why bother tossing and turning about again?”

After just these small movements in a short time, Yin Mingyu had already broken into a thin layer of sweat, which was so sticky that she was too lazy to talk, and only gave her a “do you really not know” expression.

Yin’er was puzzled. When Yin Mingyu got rid of her sweat, the maid followed her to the east chamber. She saw a table full of preserved fruits, snacks and tea in the east chamber, and saw the Third Lady Yin Mingrui smiling like a peach blossom. She warm heartedly greeted her own lady and the Fourth lady Yin Mingruo, she was enlightened.

Yin Mingyu glanced at Yin’er and sat down with a smile on her face. She picks up a cup of tea out of sight to quench her thirst from walking, her small abacus rattling in her heart.

First of all, her third younger sister is sharp and strong. She loves to be jealous and show off. She can save trouble by raising her hand; Second and also the most important thing. She can save money in her private house without spending her own salary.

Kill three birds with one stone, why should she not?

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And Yin Mingrui, the Third lady, saw that she had been drinking by herself, so she greeted her fourth younger sister.

Yin Mingruo, the Fourth lady, was very meek. She thanked her sincerely and then took a sip of herbal tea.

The weather was hot, and the three of them could not eat anything sweet. After drinking a cup of tea, Yin Mingrui, the hostess, took the initiative to start a conversation: “I heard that Xie Xiao Langjun is coming to our house as a guest, but I don’t know what he looks like now. The elder sister is very beautiful, and the brother-in-law Xie is also noble and handsome. I think he must be very popular…”

As she was speaking, her voice became lighter. Yin Mingyu looked up from her lethargically and found that there was a trace of yearning in her eyes.

Yin Mingruo nodded without much thought, and softly agreed: “The eldest sister is of divine countenance. Xie Xiao Langjun gathers the strength of his parents. He must also be a smart child, with pink jade-like skin.”

Yin Mingrui nodded, her lips pursed slightly, and her eyes wandered for a moment. She said casually: “Brother Xie is affectionate and righteous. He has been dutiful to his wife for a year, and I don’t know which step-wife the family will choose. If it’s not easy to get along with her, that little nephew of ours will be pitiful~”

Yin Mingruo frowned and said hesitantly, “Xie Xiao Langjun is the precious grandson of Xie’s family. I’m afraid nobody can take him lightly.”

Yin Mingrui sighed a long sigh and said painfully, “How can we be sure about matters of the back house? Just in case……”

“The Xie family will definitely plan for the Xiao Langjun, right?” Yin Mingruo’s face also crinkled. “If it’s too bad, there is still our Yin family, our parents will not let it go.”

Yin Mingrui shook her head, “The Xie family’s status is like that. Our family…… Alas……”

Yin Mingruo is distressed, “There is no way…….”

Yin Mingrui bit his lips and blushed slightly, “The elder sister knows under the spring, the most important thing she must miss is the children. In fact, there is a proper way…… “

“Squeak ——”

The sound of the round stool being dragged interrupts Yin Mingrui’s unfinished words. Yin Mingyu stood up and saw the two people looking over. She smiles innocently and says, “I’ll go and sit on the couch for a moment.”

Yin Mingrui looked at the half of the ice that had just melted in the ice basin and said, “Second older sister, isn’t it hot to sit far away?”

Yin Mingyu leans on the couch like someone with bones, and says something to the point: “The mind is calm and naturally cool. This ice is a luxury, which can be enjoyed but not indulged, otherwise the days without it will be more difficult.”

The Yin family has two di sons and four daughters.

When the di daughter Yin Mingfu was not married, she was arrogant and also a few years old. She was not close to the shu sisters.

By the time she got married, especially when she is still married to such a good family, with a husband who is incomparable in the world. When occasionally going back to her mother’s house, she shows an even higher attitude towards her sisters. They all just ask for politeness and have no other words.

In fact, they didn’t have much affection, instead she aroused a lot of jealousy and envy.

There are always people who are not convinced. They just have a good reincarnation……

Yin Mingyu had a fight before she transmigrated. She was also better than many people with a good family background on the single wooden bridge, she struggled anxiously to camp, but forgot to love life and embrace herself.

Now she just wants to save more private houses and enjoy life, but the Third Lady is only sixteen years old, and some selfishness can be understood, but it is too exposed.

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